What is a Commercial Flight Nurse?

What is a Commercial Flight Nurse?

If you or someone you love is facing challenges in their health, you may need to consider your options when it comes to receiving the best care. With renowned doctors available worldwide, the local clinicians in your immediate area may not be the best fit for the support your family needs. When traveling to and from medical care, or transferring from one hospital to another, many individuals need assistance in arriving safely. In these cases, medical transportation with a commercial flight nurse becomes necessary.

Working with a commercial flight nurse can be the best option to navigate medical travel for many stable patients. When facing the need for long-distance medical transport, many assume the only option is to fly via a medical helicopter or air ambulance. While there are health conditions that require this level of care during the flight, many individuals in stable conditions can be supported while having more flexibility in their travel by flying commercial.

Commercial flights are much less expensive than private medical transport, and they can offer more flexibility in accomodating the family of those needing care. This makes commercial flights a much better option for those who need to travel with multiple people or will be traveling more frequently to receive care. In these instances, a commercial flight nurse is the best solution when facing medical transport.

What is a commercial flight nurse?

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A commercial flight nurse is a trained medical professional. They are knowledgable on wide ranges of healthcare needs and are capable of providing high levels of expertise to those in need of support during extended travel. Not only can they provide routine care to individuals they’re serving, but are also able to respond to medical emergencies should they arise.

Many commercial flight nurses work with medical transport companies, ensuring they are reputable individuals with the appropriate level of training to be able to support your loved one with the best possible care. Medical Transport Services maintains the upmost concern in selecting skilled nurses to support those using our services.

How does a commercial flight nurse help?

Routine efforts such as monitoring vitals, distributing medications on time, and supporting clients with navigating their travel arrangements safely are the primary efforts of a commercial flight nurse. This can include ground travel between arrival to the local hospital as well as having accommodations arranged within the airport to care for their client through security screenings.

Additional care for patients needing it often includes assistance in toileting while on the flight or transferring from wheelchairs into seats on the plane. This can be especially important for those who anticipate extended layovers.

What can I expect from the Medical Transport Service?

commercial ambulanceCompanies such as Medical Transport Service help not only navigate the booking of a nurse but can also provide insight on end-to-end travel arrangements. When arranging transportation, there are different aspects of medical concern that are often not considered in typical travel. Even when a patient is in a stable condition, unique situations can happen.

Working together, a medical escort service aligns the needs of each patient with the abilities of a nurse, plus years of professional experience working with other clients. Having existing knowledge of healthcare needs as well as familiarity with different benefits within commercial airlines are key pieces as to why using you should consider booking through a medical transport company.

Much like travel agents for vacations, these services help to check each concern off your list as well as keep you well informed on the status of your loved one while in their care.

How Do I know if a Commercial Flight Nurse is right for my family?

The best way to determine if a commercial medical transport is right for your situation is to contact Medical Transport Services and communicate directly with the professionals. It’s their mission to ensure you or your loved one receives the highest quality of care while traveling, maintaining their comfort and health throughout the transport.

More information and general inquiries can often be answered by reviewing their website, medicaltransportservices.com as well as via phone at (800) 687-0607.

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