What is a Commercial Medical Escort?

What is a Commercial Medical Escort?

Do you, or a family member you love, currently need to be transferred to another medical facility for medical care? Have you been looking for a cost-effective method that still ensures that you, or your loved one, will still end up getting the best care? When people first find out that they, or their family member, needs to be medically transferred, the first thought for many might be to utilize the services of an air ambulance. This option might be quite expensive and might not fit into the budget of lots of working families. There is a different choice that you can make, and it doesn’t require sacrificing quality care. You could look into commercial medical escorts.

How Can a Commercial Medical Escort Serve My Needs?

commercial medical escortWhile the idea of saving money and getting top-notch care is appealing, there are probably many people who don’t know what a commercial medical escort does and how they can benefit you.

Essentially, a commercial medical escort can provide for your medical needs while you travel from one location to another. To qualify for a commercial medical escort, you will need to be a patient who is physically and mentally fit to fly. There are several ways that this can happen and you should look into a company that will help guide you through the process of getting you, or your loved one, to where they need to be, safely, while also anticipating your needs along the way.

When a person travels with a medical issue, there is the potential that there might be some medical needs along the way that need addressing. Some of these might not be able to be handled by anyone but a trained medical professional.

A commercial medical escort can assist with these needs, including:

  • Managing the patient’s pain
  • The monitoring of all the patient’s vital signs
  • Administering oxygen if needed
  • Assisting with toileting

An Experienced Medical Escort Can Help You Prepare

private medical escortThe medical transfer of a patient may sound simple, but it can be quite complex and lead to many logistical issues that might not be anticipated. An experienced commercial medical escort may help you prepare for these problems before they come up. These professionals can not only care for you or your loved one during the flight, but they can also help arrange a plan for before and after the flight that ensures you will get the best care from a commercial flight nurse, and all logistical needs are set.

When it comes to the health and well-being of a patient, it is just as vital that every detail before and after the flight has been addressed. For example, a commercial medical escort can help ensure that any ground transportation, like a limo or taxi, is booked to help the patient get to the flight. They can also make sure that a wheelchair, if necessary, is provided at the airport.

The commercial medical escort wears many hats when working with the patient and their caregivers.

They are a top-notch medical professional, but they also put on the hat of an executive assistant. Trying to arrange the medical transport of someone can be very involved, so having an experienced professional who can make sure that all the details are taken care of is key. During a stressful time, they can take certain things off your plate, like booking a hotel room for the patient, if needed. A good commercial medical escort will be sure to be in constant contact with the medical facility the patient is being transferred from and to, if applicable, to ensure that there is a solid plan for completing the movement without a hitch.
If you are transferring a family member, you’ll never have to worry about being left in the dark because the commercial medical escort will always make sure you are kept abreast of what is happening and if anything needs to change.

Choosing a Commercial Medical Escort

medical escortMaking the decision on which commercial medical escort service to use is an important one.
After all, it requires putting the care of yourself, or a loved one, into someone else’s hands. You must make sure the company you choose is completely committed to providing the best care and service possible. When it comes time to make the decision, you should consider medicaltransportservices.com. They offer the vast array of services discussed above and are committed to the communication, service, and quality healthcare needed to make the transfer a success. They will be the helping hand that helps you prepare for the transfer, provides incredible care, and makes sure that everything goes smoothly once the transfer is complete.

When you book medicaltransportservices.com for your patient transfer, you’ll get exceptional service, plus huge savings when compared to using an air ambulance. Contact them today at (800) 687-0607 to get your free quote.

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