Long Distance Medical Transports

Long Distance Medical Transportation

Medical Transport Services provides high quality long distance medical transportation services. We provide transportation to all of the lower 48 states. Our minimum transport distance is 200 miles with no maximum distance.  Medical Transport Services (MTS) is committed to providing high quality, comfortable, reliable and affordable long distance non emergency medical transport to its valued customers. Customer care and safety are our top two priorities. MTS will commit its resources to safe and environmentally sound operating practices that will result in providing our customers with the assurance of safe, comfortable and reliable long distance medical transportation service cost and our employees with a safe work environment. Transporting loved ones over a long distance can be very difficult for family members. It our goal to help remove that burden by making all arrangements to transport your loved one. We start by listening to your wishes and desires. Then we work with the departing and receiving facilities to handle all of the details. We build the trip plan based on all of the requirements and assign the best crew available based on the patient and conditions of the transport. We communicate and coordinate with family members throughout the entire process. It is our goal to be recognized as the BEST ambulance providers in the country. To do that, we hire only the best employees available. Our transport fleet is all Mercedes Benz vehicles. Our interiors are designed with high quality materials for luxury and comfort. The company was built from the ground up with the customer and patient in mind. If you would like to know the cost of a medical transport we would be happy to assist and provide you a free estimate. Please complete or click the FREE QUOTE FORM HERE.

Medical Air Ambulance Service

For the highest level of medical air ambulance services at the most cost-effective price possible, contact Medical Transport Services. From basic intrastate air ambulance services to international flights with highly specialized in-flight care, we arrange the transport details with all facilities involved. Our experienced crew is with the patient from pickup to arrival. Rely on our experts for interstate medical transport to and from hospitals, rehabilitation centers, specialized care facilities, and private residences with the same level of care found in a hospital ICU. Our aircraft contain state-of-the-art medical equipment. Most types of insurance accepted. To determine medical air transport cost call us at 800-687-0607 or complete our FREE QUOTE FORM.

Commercial Medical Escort Services

Patient transfers by commercial airline with a commercial medical escort is an effective way to minimize the high cost of a traditional air ambulance for patients that meet the fit-to-fly criteria of the commercial airlines. The global network of scheduled airlines provides access to every continent making it easy to transport worldwide. Commercial medical escort provides bedside to bedside service using a highly qualified flight nurse or Paramedic providing flight medical care including but not limited to: Oxygen Administration, Sedation, Pain management, Toileting Assistance, Oxygen Saturation Monitoring, Monitoring all vital signs and assists with all basic needs. Great way to travel if you need a long distance medical transportation services.

About Medical Transport Services

Medical Transport Services is a leading edge in long distance non emergency medical transportation providing high quality service and high quality care during transport. We are very proud of our organization and take great pride in our employees and our operations. We have a combined 75 years in transport operations and provide our customers with outstanding care and service. Our fleet of Mercedes Sprinters are safe, comfortable, reliable and well equipped. Our transport teams are experienced and well trained. Each transport is operated with a 3 person team consisting of a Nurse/Paramedic and 2 drivers. Medical Transport Services is based in Florida and we provide transport services nationwide.
Medical Transport Service Operations Team

What Our Customers are Saying

Medical transport

I couldn’t have been happier with this company. I was EXTREMELY apprehensive to use a medical transport service. Even the rehab center where my dad was coming from said that they didn’t really have any recommendations, but that they would do some research. After I found this company through an online search, the rehab center got back to me with a quote that was almost $800 higher, which made me wonder why this company was such a bargain. But after speaking with their staff, I just found them to be really knowledgeable and professional, so I went with my gut. When the transportation arrived, I had a relative meet them. She called and said that there was NOTHING to worry about. Everything about it was top notch – the vehicle, the nurse, the drivers. The nurse let me know that I could call her anytime throughout the trip for updates. They arrived early, got my father safely to his room, and were on their way. Such a relief to have found this company.

Maggie Martin June 24, 2020

Medical Review

The bed was more comfortable than the ones in the hospital. The whole experience was above and beyond what I expected. The nurse was very knowledgeable and attentive. I was impressed with the drivers. The van rode exceptionally smooth. The whole experience was much better than anticipated!!!!

Yvonne Macdonald February 3, 2020

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