long distance ground transports

We offer the best long distance medical transportation available in the country!

Long distance non emergency medical transportation is what we do. We specialize in helping families transport loved ones across the state or across the country. We provide medical transportation in and out of 48 states. Trips from 200 miles to 3000 miles. Our Mercedes transports are customized and specially equipped to handle long distance medical transports. Our transport teams are staffed with the best in the business, 2 commercial drivers and a nurse/paramedic, all highly trained.

The Medical staff in our dispatch center will help you prepare for the transport by communicating with the medical staff at the departing facility. They will also collect all relevant information and make sure we can transport your loved one safely. They will make all arrangements for pick up and drop off at the sending and receiving facilities and communicate with you during the process.

The transport nurse/paramedic will communicate with the departing facility 24 hours before pickup and again one hour before pickup. This communication is to make sure we have all relevant up to date medical information, discuss special instructions and make sure medications, if necessary, are ready for pickup along with the family member. The receiving facility is called one hour before arrival to make sure they are ready to accept your loved one.



Quality Care

Medical Transport Staff of Registered Nurses and and Paramedics

Medical Staff
Paramedics and Registered Nurses staff all of our medical transports

Medical Transport Services employs a high quality staff of Registered Nurses and Paramedics to provide constant on-board care of your loved one during the long distance transport. Each medical team member was selected for experience and record of passionate care. We require a minimum of 5 years patient care experience. All employees are up to date with their medical knowledge, have current licensure and have been trained on HIPAA regulations. You will find our long distance medical team possesses exemplary customer service and will always be there to make the trip as enjoyable as it can be.

Some of our services during transport
  • Constant monitoring and care
  • Vital Signs monitored throughout transport
  • Oxygen concentrator available to supply oxygen and oxygen saturation monitored with Pulse Oximeter
  • Suction unit on hand for Tracheostomy patients as well as for any COPD or stroke patient needs
  • Catheter Care: Foley Catheter care provided
  • Incontinence care provided
  • Assistance using on-board private bathroom
  • Glucometer on board to monitor Glucose (per physicians orders)
  • PEG or Nasogastric feeding tube nutritional suplements continued and tube care provided
  • Nebulizer for use with prescribed patient medications, as needed
  • Patient is repositioned frequently to prevent pressure areas
  • Dressings are changed as needed per physicians orders
  • Any medications prescribed by a physician are administered throughout the transport
  • OTC medications, such as Asprin, Tylenol and Motrin are available and administered as needed
  • Meals, snacks and drinks are provided throughout the transport
  • Patient is assisted with onboard entertainment use
  • Family members can be updated of patients condition throughout the medical transport.
Experienced Commercial Drivers

 Experienced Commercial Drivers

Medical Transport Drivers
Compassionate employees with commercial driving experience

Driving a long distance medical transport with patients on board requires more than just technical skills, industry skills and a safe driving record. It requires passion for what you do and dedication for those you serve. We look for those who will fit within our organization and who share the same beliefs about serving those we transport. Hiring the right person to be a superior medical transport driver is extremely important to us.

In addition we look for those highly qualified individuals with 5 plus years of commercial driving experience transporting patients with a safe driving record. Each driver undergoes company process training, driver training, vehicle training, HIPAA regulation training, First Aid Certification, CPR Certification and AED Training. All drivers exceed DOT requirements when they go on the road with us.

  • 5 + years experience
  • All of our Drivers are certified in CPR/First aid/AED
  • Each of our driver has experience in all areas of the country and road conditions
  • All of our drivers have a Safe Driving Record
  • Our company conducts random drug tests and has a no tolerance policy
  • All of our drivers are trained to properly assist in transferring patients from bed to stretcher and are fully trained in stretcher operation
  • All transport personnel are trained in emergency procedures and emergency protocols are reviewed on a regular basis
  • All drivers maintain a professional appearance with photo ID
  • All medical transport drivers must exceed all phases of our company driver program and pass a driving test
Our Patients

 Ground Transport Patients

Patient Care
We provide high quality care during transport.

Medical Transport Services (MTS) is a non-emergency medical transportation service, meaning the patient is medically stable, but requires some medical support. These patients do not require any medical interventions, medical treatments, or rapid transports to any facilities. Some of our typical patients include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Patients with a chronic illness
  • Patients who recently had surgery and needs transportation to a facility or home greater than 200 miles away
  • Patients with Parkinson’s, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Chronic heart or lung conditions, or recent stroke
  • Transport to another medical facility for continued medical care or acute or severe disability
  • Health condition prevents patients from flying commercially
  • Patients who have oxygen needs, requires catheter/Incontinence care, need tube feedings, needs assistance taking perscribed medications
  • Stretcher bound or wheel chair patients going greater than 200 miles or patients that have a hard time sitting up for long distances
  • Stable medical patients that need to relocate to another state need to lie down or just need more rooom during transport.
  • Retiree is moving from one retirement home to another and distance is over 200 miles
  • Patient is being discharged from a hospital and going to a rehab or another facility
Ground Transport Service Area

Medical Transport Service Area

Service Area
Medical Transport services the lower 48 united states

Medical Transport Services (MTS)  transports non emergency medical patients from coast to coast. We cover all of the lower 48 states. We provide state to state and intrastate routes above 200 miles.

  • Southeast
  • Midwest
  • Northeast
  • Northwest
  • Southwest
  • Each trip includes a Nurse/Paramedic and two (2) drivers
  • We have an onboard private bathroom so we can transport around the clock to minimize the transport time
Luxury Transport Vehicles

 Luxury Transports

Medical Transport Vehicle
Medical Transport interior with private bathroom

Medical Transport Services uses Mercedes Sprinters for all passenger transports in excess of 200 miles. The Mercedes are luxury transports with long wheel bases and high roofs. Plenty of room to stand up and walk around. Each transport is equipped with stretcher for patient and a bed or recliner for a family member and a private on-board bathroom.

  • On-board Bathroom on each transport (with Privacy door)
  • Two professionally licensed and experienced drivers per transport
  • On-board Nurse/Paramedic for each trip
  • Oxygen Tanks for high use patients or backup to concentrator
  • Oxygen Concentrator
  • Portable Oxygen for use outside the transport vehicle
  • AC/DC Inverter
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Nebulizer
  • Glucometer
  • Catheter Care
  • OTC Medications
  • Travels non-stop (except for fuel stops) through the night
  • Free Wi-Fi Service
  • 24 hour GPS Tracking
  • Cell phone available for family communications
  • Face Time for family communcations
  • Maintenance Monitoring 24 hours per day
  • Maintenance Tracking and Scheduling
  • HD TV/DVD Player for movies and entertainment

MTS has an entire staff that tracks the fleet with a sophisticated monitoring system that allow them to identify potential issues before they occur. They also schedule and perform all maintenance in accordance with Mercedes maintenance recomendations and DOT regulations.

Trip Preparation





 Trip Preparation

Once a long distance medical transport is booked your trip is assigned to a Transportation Coordinator. This will be your contact person for the rest of the planning phase of your trip.

  • The Transportation coordinator will gather all relavant information and make all pick up and drop off arrangements with the facilities
  • Please keep in mind, we are not medicare or medicaid providers. If insurance will cover any portion of the transportation costs you will be responsible for submitting a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement.
  • The Transportation Coordinator will assist you thoughout the entire process and will set final pick up dates and times.
  • Approximately 24 hours prior to your trip the nurse assigned to your long distance medical transport will contact the departing facility to gather the proper information from the nurse, case manager or family.
  • Rest assured, our professional team will help you through every step of the process and make your long distance medical transport a pleasant and memorable experience





Bedside to Bedside Service

  Bedside to Bedside Service

Bedside to bedside service is included in our long distance medical transport service. It’s just another way we go the extra mile for you. We pick you up at your current residence at bedside and take you to your new residence or location and help you get set up in your new bed. (we can go chair to chair if you prefer)

  • Our experienced medical transportation team handles the entire process
  • All staff are trained in patient transfer techniques


24/7 Family Communications

 Family Communications

Communication is very important when a loved one is traveling via a medical transport. For this reason and to help ease the stress of travel, we provide several methods of communicating with family members.

  • The transport Nurse/Paramedic has a company cell phone on board for family to speak with patient. Family members may call the nurse to check on patient any time during transport.
  • Each Mercedes Transport has and IPad for face time communications with family members (where cell/wi-fi service is available)
  • GPS tracking in family portal for family members wanting to check on the Mercedes Transport