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About Long Distance Medical Transportation Customer Reviews

Most of the time when buying a product or service you are taking a leap of faith. Even when using customer reviews as one of your research tools. Honest and objective reviews and extremely important to any business today. They can sometimes be difficult to get. I have read horror stories about sites making up fake reviews and doctoring real long distance medical transport reviews to make themselves or their businesses look good.

Personal referrals are typically the best way to gauge a product or service, but they too are sometimes difficult to get. Many people are unaware that long distance medical transportation services even exists until they actually have the need. At that point in time they may be in a very stressful situation learning about a loved one having an accident or illness that requires them to travel a long distance to get home or be near family.

The reviews our site are real customers, writing real reviews. Hopefully these reviews will give you enough piece of mind to call us and see that we are genuine, caring and professional individuals that are passionate about what we do. You will be happy that you did.

I guarantee it!!


Thomas Cherry
President and CEO
Medical Transport Services


Medical Transport Services provides high quality long distance medical transportation. We provide transportation to all of the lower 48 states. Our minimum transport distance is 200 miles with no maximum distance. Medical Transport Services (MTS) is committed to providing high quality, comfortable, reliable and affordable long distance medical transportation to its valued customers. Customer care and safety are our top two priorities.

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Long distance transport

They are very professional and kind and caring. I would recommend this company to everyone. I felt my husband was safe and sound, and in great hands with his team.

Cindy Goad July 31, 2023

Long distance transport

The care was absolutely great. They were at the hospital when they said they would be. The nurse Joanne or Jojo as she likes to be called, was so caring and stayed in constant contact with me. A thousands of stars ? I was so at ease knowing he was in such great hands. The whole team was awesome and caring. I highly recommend this company.

Glen Goad July 31, 2023

Thank you for taking good care of my father

I highly recommend this company. In March 2023, my father suffered a massive heart attack while visiting my brother in Florida. He was admitted to Tampa General due to the severity of his condition. From the beginning, he expressed his desire to be cared for in New York City, his home. When his condition improved in April 2023, I contacted Medical Transport Services and another company in the medical transport service industry for quotes to transport him from Tampa to NYC. Both companies provided quotes, with the other company’s being slightly higher. However, due to the high-risk nature of his condition, my father couldn’t be transported at that time.

In late May 2023, his condition improved for transfer. I reached out to both companies again for new quotes. Surprisingly, Medical Transport Services provided a significantly lower quote, while the other company gave a much higher one. When I questioned the other company about the difference, they couldn’t provide a specific reason. They also failed to call us as promised, despite the time-sensitive nature of the situation.

Since my father’s insurance didn’t cover air transport, our family paid the full cost. The nearly $10,000 difference was significant for us. However, what mattered most was communication. Working with Medical Transport Service felt like collaborating with a small team. They responded promptly, even during the Mother’s Day weekend. They arranged the transfer right away, working closely with us to resolve authorization issues. On the day of the transfer, my father experienced a minor complication, but the Medical Transport team patiently waited until he was cleared again. Eventually, he was safely transferred to a hospital in New York City. The whole process was smooth, and they provided detailed information, answering our questions patiently and promptly.

I highly recommend this company for their exceptional service.

Ming Lu June 6, 2023

Extremely Satisfied

My family and I were very pleased with the service your company provided. Peter, Diane and Tony were very professional and attentive to my 84 year old mother as they transported her to New York from Florida. I would not hesitate to used your company again or hesitate to recommend your company to anyone. Thanks again for your professional service!

Judy G April 21, 2023

Highly recommend

Ashley was great to work with, very responsive and helpful with assisting in transporting my 82 year old mother from Florida. The entire team is professional and caring

Susan Fitzgerald March 1, 2023

Transport from IN to OK

Our 34-yr-old son suffered a major leg injury while we were visiting family in Indiana. After 2 surgeries he was released from the hospital and allowed to travel home to Oklahoma.
The crew we had was exceptional! Tony, Nick and Gio were professional, friendly and accommodating. I would recommend MTS without hesitation.

Debbie Luce September 24, 2022

Highly Recommend

We had previously booked a different provider for our non-emergency medical transport and upon learning – 2 days out from departure day that they could not stay committed to the run.

We searched for a recovery solution and quickly found Medical Transport when I searched online

I called and Sarah answered the call – within minutes I had a quote for a transport van to meet our needs of previously set transport from medical facility to long term care facility – at a very competitive and acceptable rate.

Once we had it all scheduled – their team made called to make contact with each end to verify times, names, expectations and all necessary details.

Day of the pickup I received phone call confirming on time ETA and then once our mother was on board we received texts confirming departure time and several along the way of the 14 hour transit.

I was not able to be at the pickup location as I was well on my way to be at the destination for the assistance and accommodations to the long term care facility. David who was the on board lead, was sending me texts to confirm eta so we could meet them upon arrival.

All went as planned and could not have been more pleased with the professional level of service and outstanding medical attention through the trip that David and his other 2 crew members provided.

Highly recommend this group – you will be happy you chose them

Ron C May 11, 2022

Relocation transportation

MTS was a blessing in disguise! My Mom was anxious and nervous for her relocation trip to Virginia. The staff of 3 were punctual, professional, courteous and attentive to her needs. There was constant communication between us at pickup site and those at final to updates throughout the trip. My family and I are extrememly grateful a company such as yours and the people they hire. I would definitely recommend MTS to anyone needing such a professional service.
The only complaint/concern that I have to offer is the extra $500.00 added because of the fuel increases from NJ to Va..
Thanks again for coming to our rescue!

Minerva Rolon May 11, 2022

Peace of mind

Thought real hard about driving mom on my own, but after 32 days in ICU and another 30 days in an LTAC, choosing medical transport gave me peace of mind! The crew was fantastic, professional, punctual and personal. Along the trip they stopped at the places we wanted and bought the food we wanted. They took charge at the discharging and admitting facilities to ensure smooth transitions. I got to ride next to my mom on the trip to comfort her and again give me peace of mind. The nurse monitored vitals along the way and helped mom use the onboard bathroom. While I hope I never need their services again, I would definitely choose Medical Transport Services again!

Patrick Flynn April 7, 2022

Superior Attentiveness

From the first moment of the pick up to the drop off- professional and alert drivers.
The nurse for the trip, Cat, could not have been better. My dad was a challenge that Nurse Cat handled in the most professionally and caring way. Thank you!

Craig Patterson April 7, 2022

Moved 99 year old lady 300+ miles to new facility

I was afraid to move my extremely fragile 99 year old Mom up by me, but after a fall, I really had to. There was no way I could move her myself by car since she was bedridden and on oxygen and pain medications. This was scary, but I’m so glad we found Medical Transport Services. Every contact with them was reassuring and extremely professional. This company is a class act, and they have wonderful people. Every element of the service was smooth and the three guys in the van were the nicest people ever. I wanted to switch places with my sister and ride in the transport, instead of driving the van behind them with mom’s things. My sister said no! Mom had the time of her life and they never turned on the entertainment system, she talked so much. We will be forever grateful for her journey. As a side note , both the facility she left and the one she moved to asked for the name of the transport company…people often ask and they didn’t know of one…but now they do, since they saw them in action. Thank you.

Jane Campbell December 5, 2021

Tremendous Team/Great Service

We needed help to move my parents from Ohio to Illinois to a senior community nearer to family. It was a stressful time due to illnesses and all of the challenges with a 500+ mile move. Tina, Ricardo and Bobby were a tremendous team – friendly, supportive and very reassuring. My parents felt that the trip, which had been a point of anxiety for several weeks, was the absolute best part of the entire moving process. We are thankful and so grateful for the service Medical Transport Services provided, but even more impressed with how they did it – with care, concern and fantastic support!

Tom N October 28, 2021

Highlight of the week

We enlisted Medical Transport Services to pick up my husband in Nashville (where he had gone to have back surgery with a specialist) to our home in Atlanta. The week of the surgery was quite trying and difficult, both from surgery recovery and from the logistical standpoint that he and I were in a city we knew nothing about. When Medical Transport Services arrived, I felt the assurance that the crew was going to take of him and get us home. They were friendly, professional, and accommodating to his fragile condition. This was definitely the highlight of a really bad week. Thanks so much to the crew members for the service you provided. I am deeply grateful to MTS for all you guys did for us.

Carmen Abernathy August 23, 2021

Outstanding Service!

Outstanding service at every juncture! I couldn’t has asked for anything more! Theresa, my brother’s nurse did a stellar job getting him to us safely, and communicating throughout the trip. I’m grateful to you folks, thanks again.

Linda January 29, 2021


Words cannot fully express the gratitude I have for your service, and the wonderful, compassionate crew, Nurse Tina, Drivers James and Ricardo, for transporting my terminally ill husband and myself to our winter home in FL. Nurse Tina was attentive to his every need, constantly checking his vitals, and surprising him with a much needed massage. James and Ricardo were great drivers and extremely patient during our unscheduled stops to reposition my husband. The trip was well worth the cost, and had your service not been available, my husband would not have been able to spend his final days in his “happy place!” From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, and God Bless all of you and your entire staff.

Jeanette Czubak January 29, 2021

The best ever choice.

Ok, it took me awhile to do this review, but here goes. Eight brothers and sisters were relying on my choice of transport companies. I did my research, and made Medical Transport my choice. Affordable and reliable, and they came through with everything they said they would do. But mostly, they put up all my emails, questions, question from family members, and understood how worried we all were about moving our mom from ÇA to AZ WITH A BROKEN BACK AT 93 YEARS OLD. They were amazing, beyond amazing. My sister accompanied her on the trip ( transporting her to my sisters house) and texted me when they were picked up, “ mom is very happy and super comfortable, and I have a very comfortable chair that I can recline , with pillow and blanket, going to be the best ride home ever”. I can’t say enough about this company. We were all so worried about this move, and the team and staff continually comforted us and made us feel she would be will cared for and protected as best to their abilities. I can’t thank them enough. This is a 5 star and more company and staff. THANK YOU…… Kirsch family

Cindy Martin January 29, 2021

Smith Family – Texas


Douglas Smith October 12, 2020

Attentive, Flexible & Compassionate

Everything ELSE about moving my mother 6 hours away was stressful. Working with MTS was a blessing. I did not have any referrals for this kind of service, so I relied on good old Google. I really lucked out. My mother had been recently diagnosed with dementia, and was not mobile, so I really wanted a team that would make her feel safe and appreciate her conditions. When arranging for the ride, I spoke with real people who answered my questions, and helped me create contingency plans when the receiving care facility sprung COVID testing requirements on me last minute and the originating hospital was not able to jump on it. Between the scheduling staff and the company president, they were able to make it work. The night before the transfer, the nurse called me to find out more about my mother so that they could make her ride as comfortable as possible. She was kind and caring, and I have full confidence that she made the ride a good experience for my mother. The drivers had fun personalities and seemed good natured, giving me additional comfort. The ride took a bit longer than expected, and I was surprised when communication with an update as not initiated, but the nurse always responded to my texts throughout the process.
I consulted one other company, which was $700 more. While I appreciated the savings, really, it was the service and personal attention that mattered most to me; the fact that it was in a Mercedes van was just a fun point to make my mom feel fancy. I am all too happy to have the opportunity to write this review and recommend them.

Lauren D October 2, 2020

Wonderful, Friendly, Compassionate

Excellent, professional team of Sam, Rae and Beth – lots of communication (phone and text) before trip began and during the trip, very prompt for pickup, took great care during the trip and the drop off was on time and perfect. Very clean and comfortable accommodations, crew very attentive to COVID precautions. Safety and well-being is definitely a top priority. Found the company searching the web and from the first contact everyone was very helpful, forthcoming about what to expect, and the cost was reasonable for the distance and care provided. Would most definitely recommend them to anyone needing this type of service and would use them in the future should the need arise.

Cheryl September 30, 2020

Moving Mom

It was a wonderful experience for my Mom who was being transported from one nursing home to another. The staff who transported my Mom were so caring and thoughtful. They called me several times while en route and gave me updates. During the calls they made sure I was able to talk to my Mom. It reassured my Mom to talk to me, making it pleasant for her. I would highly recommend this company to transport a loved one. Great job?

Lea Ann Marchand September 20, 2020

Mom transport

We were very nervous and anxious about the 600 mile trip. Adam, Susie and Ricardo put us at ease and they were very respectful and accommodating. We had a route different than what we usually take, but made the trip in 10 hours with several stops. Midwest Transit was very helpful in setting up the trip and follow through with communication was terrific.

We can’t thank you enough for getting our mom home safe and happy. Highly recommended.

Kathy Zimmerman September 18, 2020

First Class Organization

The entire staff at Medical Transport was professional and most important accommodating throughout the entire process. This includes the back office team who had to adjust to a changing schedule. Due to medical conditions, we had to postpone the transport of my mom a couple of times. Medical Transport was flexible and worked with me to find a time that would work. I want to specifically thank Ashley for her help there.

The medical team (nurse and drivers) were excellent in ensuring the ride for my 90 year old mother went smoothly. They kept me informed of their progress as they made the 8 hour trip The vehicle itself was very impressive.

So in short, I highly recommend their services. They demonstrated they are an excellent partner to work with for a challenging task. Most important I felt confident they would take good care of my family.

Lenny Block September 16, 2020


We’re grateful to the Medical Transportation team; Tony, Sophie and Sam. They provided excellent service to our mom in move from Wisconsin to Tennessee. Her only complain long and noisey ride due to bad roads.

Barbara C August 26, 2020

Great Experience

We had a terrific team. Very professional, pleasant and caring to my Ill husband. They were always concerned about our comfort.
I was hesitant about an18 hour trip but it was a pleasant experience. I would not hesitate if I had to do it again.

James/Carolynn July 9, 2020

We Will Forever be Grateful

Dear Mr. Cherry,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank your company and especially your crew (Sandra, Billy, and Arthur) for their incredible care of my family.  My Mom had end stage interstitial lung disease and had hopes of getting home to N.H. to say goodbye to family. Sandra, Billy, and Arthur arrived on time on Wednesday morning and prepped her for her trip with professionalism and humor.  My sister rode along with her and tells me that the crew took outstanding care of my mom.  Unfortunately, my mom’s health was too fragile and she passed away in South Carolina. When my sister called me, my heart broke to think she was alone to deal with mom’s passing, but she assured me that Sandra, Billy, and Arthur were with her and not leaving her.  I thought that meant that they would stay with her until we found her a flight home, but she clarified that the crew would continue on to N.H. and take her home.  I was blown away.  They went above and beyond to show kindness and provide support to my sister in her darkest moments. We will forever be grateful to them and to whomever approved the continuation of the trip.  God Bless you all for your compassion and caring. I hope never again to be in a position to require a long distance medical transport, but if I am, my business is yours.


Thank you and the crew for keeping human connection as part of the mission.

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller July 1, 2020

Medical transport

I couldn’t have been happier with this company. I was EXTREMELY apprehensive to use a medical transport service. Even the rehab center where my dad was coming from said that they didn’t really have any recommendations, but that they would do some research. After I found this company through an online search, the rehab center got back to me with a quote that was almost $800 higher, which made me wonder why this company was such a bargain. But after speaking with their staff, I just found them to be really knowledgeable and professional, so I went with my gut. When the transportation arrived, I had a relative meet them. She called and said that there was NOTHING to worry about. Everything about it was top notch – the vehicle, the nurse, the drivers. The nurse let me know that I could call her anytime throughout the trip for updates. They arrived early, got my father safely to his room, and were on their way. Such a relief to have found this company.

Maggie Martin June 24, 2020

Wonderful care and service !

It is a pleasure to write about the superb service that our friend received from Medical Transport Services. She had an extremely difficult situation, a broken hip and a broken arm and a two-day drive from home. Our friend raved about how caring everyone was and how comfortable they made her. We are eternally grateful to MTS and recommend them for medical transportation for anyone who needs it.

Carolyn March 18, 2020

Great Service

Great service, thorough communication and easy to work with.

Brad Seyffer March 11, 2020

Would I Ever See Vermont Again?

After having a heart attack on Christmas Day while visiting Denver, CO, the question became, how would I ever get home to Vermont. I was too sick to fly and couldn’t afford a med flight. My family was flying back and forth to visit and keep my spirits up. Then we learned about Medical Transport Services, and within a week of calling, they organized everything, and I was finally in my home state of Vermont. What I wasn’t expecting was how much fun I had on the 30 hour trip. The crew was professional. My needs and my health were constantly attended to, and conversation flowed making the trip fly by.

Robert Shuman February 24, 2020

Great Transfer

Medical Transport Services had the best price by far. The transport crew did an excellent job accommodating my mother on our 11 hour trip. I would highly recommend.

Ty Abbott February 24, 2020

Medical Review

The bed was more comfortable than the ones in the hospital. The whole experience was above and beyond what I expected. The nurse was very knowledgeable and attentive. I was impressed with the drivers. The van rode exceptionally smooth. The whole experience was much better than anticipated!!!!

Yvonne Macdonald February 3, 2020

The Staff was Professional

My father was totally comfortable for his almost 9 hour transport. The staff was professional and notified me during the transport of their status and my fathers condition. I would definitely recommend Medical Transport Services to anyone needing a safe transport for their loved ones that require special services.

Claire Anderson January 16, 2020

Exceptional companies still exist in 2019

We live in a time when companies can produce all kinds of flowery information about themselves and create glowing testimonials about the service that they provide. After you use the service, many times you are filled with disappointment and regret. Well, after careful research and much consideration, I selected Medical Transport Services to transfer my 97 year old mother from New York to South Carolina

I am pleased to say that I could not have picked a better company to perform this service. There isn’t a single area that I can say needed improvement. From the time I talked to Sarah to get a quote until drivers, Bill and John, and nurse, Beth arrived in South Carolina, every step of the process was handled with the highest level of professionalism, on schedule and without incidence.

I was able to real-time information with the transport team through texting. This eliminated all of the unknowns (pickup time, driving status, patient status, arrival time, etc.).

You might expect that moving a 97 year old stroke patient, 840 miles in the middle of the night during a rain storm might result in some level of stress or anxiety. That was not the case. In the days following the transfer, my mom only indicated that the ride was noisy from road noise. She indicated that everything else was great. Beth worked miracles to earn those praises from my mother.

Based on my experience, there may be another transfer company as good (which I doubt), but there isn’t one better the Medical Transport Services. Hats off to Sarah, Bill, John and Beth. What a great job! I will tell anyone who will listed about your service.

William Brinkman December 25, 2019

service rendered to transport sister from Fla to SCdotduckworth

The service was very satisfactory, the staff very helpful and friendly. ////////the only comment I would make is having A male nurse with A female patient.

dorothy Duckworth December 23, 2019

From N.J. to GA.

Outstanding people for the trip. Customer service was very knowledgeable and curtious. Made things so much easier for my and as well as for me. Thank you so very much

Virginia Richards December 23, 2019

Great Service!

My brother recently needed to be moved from a rehab hospital in Germantown, TN to a skilled nursing facility in Tulsa, OK so that he would be closer to family during his recovery. The move was supposed to happen on a certain day, but insurance approval for the receiving facility had not come through and it would be another week before that approval was finally received. Sarah was so easy to work with and we had no problems rescheduling the move. The crew showed up right on time, loaded my brother, and got on the road. They showed great respect for him during the trip and got him settled into his new place before leaving. From the first call I placed to Sarah when I was trying to figure out how to get my brother to Tulsa to her final follow-up call to verify the transport went smoothly, I was very impressed with this company and the service it provides. I highly recommend them. Thank you Medical Transport Services!

Ellen Polyard December 23, 2019


The transporters were the most professional and courteous group of paramedics I have ever encountered. My sister has had a stroke and a heart attack and is diabetic and hypertensive and they managed all of her problems without any difficulty on a 9 hour, 700 mile trip from Mobile, AL to Lakeland, FL and delivered her safely and promptly to my home where my wife and I plan to continue her care. All of the coordinators were excellent in their handling of the minor problems that arose and all went well and on time. I cannot compliment the personnel of the Medical Transport Service enough. Wonderful job!

Ransom I Simmons November 19, 2019

Initial conversation

Informative conversation with Randy today. I feel confident in your service and will be calling you back when I have a solid date.
Thank you!

Rita Markham November 19, 2019

Customer Service

Tia Rentz was very helpful to me when I called about getting my sister from Michigan to California. She answered all of my questions and was easy to talk to. I’ve never used this type of transportation before so the information she gave was great.

Great service!! Thanks, Mary

Mary janky November 15, 2019

Gordon Transport

The service was excellent. The crew was very polite and professional. It was a pleasure to have them do our transport. I will recommend your service to anyone.

charles s gordon October 10, 2019


I contracted Medical Transport Services to get my mother in law here to Nashville from Kenosha, WI. The care you gave to the whole process was remarkable and I can’t thank you all enough.

Edward Bayers August 20, 2019


I hired Medical Transport Services to move my mentally and physically disabled elderly sister from her ICF facility in Pembroke Pines, FL to an ICF in Ocala, FL Due to health issues of my sister, I had to postpone the trip 3 times. The staff at this company was so kind every time I called to postpone. Their response was always “no problem.” The fourth time was the charm, and on Aug. 13, 2019, it was a go. It was a 291 mile trip with Kegan, Bill, and Debbie, RN. This crew was so kind and solicitous to my non-verbal sister, especially Debbie. We made one stop on the Turnpike at a service plaza to stretch our bones, and they bought me lunch. Debbie had water and snacks on the van (no cocktails for this passenger, though!). It was about a 5-hour trip with no problems. Kegan was an excellent driver, with Bill riding shotgun. The fee was $1,000 less than the other quotes I had received. If anyone out there needs to move a loved one a long distance, Medical Transport Services is the company to call!!! This company relieves the stress and provides comfort. God bless them all !
Lastly, Kegan, NO BABY GATORS! Ha! Ha! Elaine Segura

ELAINE SEGURA August 16, 2019


I filled out a contact info and within 10 minutes I got a reply with price, Thank you for such quick service

Margaret Stipp August 1, 2019

Our Trip to Boise

Our trip was excellent! Tony, Chris and Tim did a great job of making a difficult situation a very good situation. We moved my wife Nancy to a new memory care facility and I worried about this for weeks. Everything went great and Nancy did fine. We arrived in Boise in 14 hours and there was never a worry on my part. The gentlemen were totally professional. While I hope I never have to transport my wife again- the only company I would consider is Medical Transport Services.

Barry Shein June 27, 2019

Best decision for my mother in law

We had to find a way to transport my mother-in-law to her daughters house for the summer. She is unable to sit up for that many hours in a car due to her illness and the need for oxygen 24/7. I googled medical Transport Services and MTS came up. I looked at all the the positive reviews and took a shot in the dark and called the number. I spoke with Sarah who was very professional and answered all of my questions. We set up the arrangements and on the day of travel, Thomas the driver and Beth the nurse were so kind, supportive and helpful. My mother in law said her and Beth talked the entire 6 hour drive. It couldn’t have gone better. I would highly recommend MTS to anyone in need of this kind of service.

Valorie Caprice June 12, 2019

Wonderful Experience

My father was in declining health and could not do car transportation as it was just too much energy for him and due to past health reasons, doctor advised that he not fly. His wish was to go to Florida for the winter. I wanted to make this wish come true. I took it upon myself to find another way to get him to Florida. I searched and found Medical Transport Services. They were very professional on the phone and very helpful in making the plans. In November, my dad and mom went on the transport and had a wonderful experience. They both said it was a great way to get there quickly and safely. There was a nurse and two drivers who traded off driving. During the trip, the nurse called me to let me know how things were going and told me to feel free to call them while traveling. It was so comforting to know my parents were in the hands of caring, professional members of the transport team. My dad was the one who needed the transport but they also took good care of my mom. At the end of April, it was time to return to Ohio. Again knowing what to expect, they had the same great experience. My parents were only home 12 days and my dad passed away. I was so glad to have the medical transport to fulfill by dad’s wish to winter in Florida and return home before he passed. Thank you to the Medical Transport staff in making this trip possible. We are very grateful for this service.

Margie Saull May 31, 2019

Peace of Mind

Deciding to use a Medical Transport service to get my 87 year old mother from Asheville to Osgood (+-400mile Trip) was the best decision We could have made.
Mom had fallen and broken her hip and shoulder. She was in excruciating pain after having surgery on both. I made a couple of calls to Medical Transport Services and both Jerry and Sarah were totally over the top in answering all my questions and easing the process. They were very reassuring and informative.
The day cane to make the move and Chris and Sam were in charge, took charge and it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. Mom was made comfortable the whole way and arrived with a smile on her face. Happy to be close to home and have the trip behind her.
I can’t express strongly enough our families appreciation for Medical Transport Services, their organizational skills and total all around professionalism!
Many thanks to Jerry, Sarah, Chris and Sam!!!

Terry Curry May 29, 2019

MTS Dependable

MTS Service was exceptional from beginning to end. You could not ask for better service, everyone from office personnel to medical staff and drivers were exceptional from start to finish, I can nor say enough good things about them. Thanks to all at Medical Transport Service for such excellent service.

Marion & Arthur Spadoni May 22, 2019

The Best!

I have used MTS two times. Both trips to transport a 90+ YO from LI to the Rochester, NY area. Each time, I was totally impressed with the scheduling and execution of the trips. Clara was so responsive and patient with my multitude of questions and last minute scheduling requests. She really went out of her way to meet our needs. In each case the professionals that provided the transport were just that..professional! They were on time, friendly, polite, patient and helpful. I really can’t speak highly enough about our experience. I would definitely recommend MTS to anyone!

Liza Sullivan May 6, 2019

My Experience

The crew that worked with our family was truly amazing, and very professional! The care and patience they showed us deserves more than a 5 star marking. I would recommend your service to anyone. Thank you again!

Debra Heggs May 2, 2019


Moving a parent, especially long distance, can be a trying and stressful experience. Thankfully MTS put the expected anxiety to rest. From the first time talking with Sarah, to the drivers and on board nurse, and the after-hours call to be sure I had everything covered, we felt comfortable and at ease with the move. Everyone could not have been more professional. From the minute they walked in we knew our father was in good hands. He was treated with dignity and respect – and for that I am grateful. Should I ever need this service again, MTS will be the company I call. Should anyone else need this service, don’t look further….call them!

Denise Katinis February 20, 2019

Very Pleased Customer

This team made for a seamless transition, executed with professional, skilled, and compassionate care.
I could not have wished for better care, and consideration, of my mom! I could not have received better help and cooperation for this transport. I am most grateful!

Linda Knight February 12, 2019

Best Experience and very accommodating

Moving a parent is never an easy decision. At that point in your decision process, your are trying to coordinate many different things – nursing homes, doctors, and transportation. MTS was quick to turn around a quote, easy to lock in. Very reasonably priced. They worked on our schedule of when my mom needed to be in the facility which meant driving through the night. They worked with us all the way through the process. We even had an additional request in shipping and went all out to help. They continuously kept in contact and never dropped the ball. Thank you all at MTS – Sarah the coordinator, the drivers and on board nurse, even the CEO who took the call when someone was not available.

Dave Knowles February 7, 2019

Extremely satisfied

The transporter crew were all super. Took care of parents the entire trip. They really cared, and made the entire trip comfortable for our parents, and made us comfortable from the time they were picked up and dropped off. We would certainly use them again, if needed.

Lori Jenkins February 7, 2019

Great Communication

My husband and I used MTS to transport my father-in-law from Florida to Ohio. It was a difficult move for our family as we were coordinating transport with his discharge date from the hospital in FL and admission availability in the rehab center in OH. MTS stayed in contact with me regularly as we waited for a discharge date from the hospital. Then once my father-in-law was on his way, the nurse on board the transport gave me her cell phone number and was available for calls. She also kept me updated on their arrival time at the destination. The transport team stayed with my father-in-law to get him settled at his destination and hand off his medical information to the staff. They were not in a hurry to drop him and rush off. MTS made a stressful experience much more manageable.

Julie January 23, 2019

One less thing to worry about…

Caring for someone during the end of life transition is among the most difficult things we will ever experience. After making the painstaking decision to transfer our mother from NC to her long time home in NJ to be with family we began the arduous process of finding appropriate transport. After hours of research and countless phone calls we unanimously chose Medical Transport Services. Not only was the price the lowest overall but the quality and expertise was clearly the highest. While the transport vehicle greatly exceeded our expectations in safety and comfort the transport crew was even more impressive. We even received periodic updates from the team on our mother’s condition. I can’t imagine how much more difficult this process would have been without Thomas and his team. Upon arriving to the destination I received a call from the administrator of the receiving facility praising the company as well. While advertising is great, nothing beats the honest unabashed opinion of a satisfied customer. My only wish is that more businesses would operate from the heart, as Medical Transport Services does.

Lisa, Liz, and Rose January 19, 2019

Professional/Competent/Exceptional Service

Taking the time to provide a testimonial to one of the most appreciated services and performances in a difficult, stressful medical situation for a family member. We needed to move fast and get a transport in place to have our loved one moved close to home after a medical event. He needed to immediately commence critical rehabilitation treatments to begin his road to recovery. From the first phone call we received less than thirty minutes from the online quote request we felt we were in the right hands and had picked a trustworthy company. That feeling and reality just kept clicking at every question, decision, timeframe and scenario we were challenged with on his medical care. Sarah Ware is a tremendously professional, knowledgeable and efficient leader that made this process incredibly seamless. Not at any time were we waiting on Medical Transport for a decision or answer to a question. Sarah facilitated many critical communications, confirmations and schedules with all three of the parties involved. The entire setup process was concluded in <48 hours. We highly recommend Medical Transport for those that need this type of service. Most folks will never need it, but if you ever do these professionals are who you want as part of your Team, period. Thank you all for making this part of the situation easier and less stressful. This allowed us to focus on the next steps, longer term care and rehabilitation options.

The Nowak's November 27, 2018

Transport from Richmond, VA to Beachwood, Ohio

I am writing to thank Medical Transport Service for transporting my wife from Richmond, VA to Beachwood OH. The driver (Tim) and the nurse (Kim) were very professional and supported me and my wife on the entire trip. I am so grateful that God was able to let me find this company to transport my wife of 54 years home. We were on vacation when my wife became ill and we were away from home for 10 weeks. I am so grateful for this company for the transport of my wife and me home. They cared for the both of us thru the 8 hour trip and I can truly recommend this company for anyone that needs to transport their love ones. From the first call to their main office to the last call of them calling me and asking how was the transport, I can truly say “Great Job, well done”. Thank you and God bless you. Billy Graves.

Billy L Graves November 12, 2018

Great Customer Service

My sister contracted with MTS to move our Mom from St. Louis to Dallas. I live in St. Louis, so I was the point man on our end of the move. MTS communicated with me and answered any questions I had. My contact with MTS was Sarah. Sarah was personable, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. Anytime Sarah had to get back to me on a issue, it was in a timely manner. I met the transport team on the night of the move. Denise was the nurse and I was at ease with her confidence, professionalism and the respectful caring manner in which she treated my Mom. I met the two drivers, Carlos and Roberto, and they were very helpful in getting my Mom to the van and inside. Carlos and Roberto were also respectful, caring and courteous to my Mom. On the night of the move, the MTS team showed up on time and kept in communication with me on their arrival time. All in all, I don’t think the move could have went any better and I would certainly recommend MTS to anyone in need of Medical Transportation.

William Lovelace November 7, 2018

Bringing my mon home to NH from Florida

Thank you for taking such great care of my mom transporting her for 27 hrs and keeping her happy safe and comfortable

Heidi Sherkanowski October 19, 2018

1,600 miles time-sensitive transport with no escort

I had to transport my elderly father over 1,600 miles from NY to Texas. My aunt referred me to Medical Transport Services. From first call to pick up in 4 days, with every step of the way guided by their courteous, professional, and all around fantastic staff. The coordinators, the drivers, the on-board nurse were all amazing. There is not enough I can say about this Company. Transporting yourself or a loved one in a short amount of time is a stressful situation. These folks know that, they’re experienced, and I am very thankful they were there for me. If you need a service like this, call this guys…you won’t regret it.

Tim Alguire October 19, 2018

700 Miles

My sister and I are so happy to have discovered your company. Long distance travel had become impractical for my sister following a stroke some years ago. When the time came for relocation, we could find no one who had first hand knowledge of long distance medical transport. Based on online recommendations, we did contact this organization and were impressed by services offered. My sister’s needs were assessed before the trip and everything was in place for her safety and comfort. Denise, Carlos and Tim arrived promptly, were thoroughly courteous and professional and made the 12+ hour trip actually enjoyable for my sister. Not only were we impressed but the receiving (assisted living) facility had good things to say about their interaction with your company.

Martha Edds September 10, 2018

Emergency transport from WA to MI

Medical Transport Services Company was 5 star in flying my brother from Seattle Washington to Michigan. They worked with me throughout the entire experience. I could call them any time day or night. They are professional, explained each step, called me during the flight with updates and most importantly very kind to my family during this very emotional time for us.

Janet S August 29, 2018

Responsive, efficient, above all safe!

MTS responded on short-notice to transport my 87 year old Mom to Dayton, so she could be with family during the last days of her life. The vehicle was perfectly equipped, driven by professionals, and my Mom was attended to by a certified Paramedic throughout. I accompanied them as well, and the MTS Team made the 21-hour trip as comfortable as possible, while expediting the transfer from one skilled nursing facility in Abilene to another in Dayton. MTS gets my highest recommendation.

Gavin Ketchen August 28, 2018

Would Choose Them Again

The company personnel were easy to work with from making the arrangements through the actual trip. The medical van transport of my 93 year old mother from a nursing home in Delaware to our residence in Southwest Florida, a distance of about 1200 miles, went smoothly and on schedule. My mother was wheelchair bound due to a stroke that paralyzed her left side. The on-board bathroom feature was unique and proved to be a vital feature. The trip took roughly 24 hours, from the morning of the pickup day to arrival the next morning. I was unable to accompany her on the trip, so it was essential to have a professional and trustworthy crew. A skilled nurse attended my mother on the trip, and kept me posted on the progress by phone. My mother was comfortable, and slept during a large portion of the trip. The nurse and drivers were friendly and attentive. It is very stressful to have to transport a loved one with a debilitating medical condition over such a long distance. Overall I was completely satisfied, and relieved that everything went smoothly. If I ever had to arrange long distance medical transport again, I would choose Medical Transport Services.

Alfred Deramo August 24, 2018

Super Service

My Mother needed transportation and the Medical Transport Services team arrived on time, and professionally went to work. Both the nurse and the driver knew exactly what to do and how to do it. They demonstrated real compassion for my Mother and kept her comfortable throughout the trip. This was one of the best experiences I have had with a company in my life. If you need medical transport, Medical Transport Services is DEFINITELY the way to go.

Timothy H Bauer August 22, 2018


This co provides the best service. They are professional in every way. What a smooth trip.

Linda waddell August 21, 2018

A Very Pleasant Trip

A very pleasant trip. This crew, Cheryl, Ed, and Debbie. Are incredibly good at their jobs. The 12 hour trip thru the desert seemed to fly by. My sister, traveling on a gurney, and the super-competent and extremely personable nurse talked for hours about a place where they had both spent some time (Morocco). When we arrived at our destination, the whole crew assisted the locals, in getting her room ready, even though it was midnight and they all had a long way to go, before they could relax.

Webb Ridley Johnson May 21, 2018

Great transport experience

When my husband and I decided to move to Spring, Texas ( near Houston), we knew that we wanted to take my mother with us. She is 92, has dementia, and is bed-ridden. We just didn’t know how we were going to get her there. Someone suggested a non-emergency transport company so I started checking into that possibility. When I called Medical Transport Services, I could tell right away that they were professional and knowledgeable. They gave me a thorough explanation of the process and a cost estimate on that first call. I knew this was the company I wanted to use. I told them the date for the move, and they set it all up immediately. On the day of the move, they arrived on time and checked my mother’s condition thoroughly. They were kind and gentle with her. The transport went very well. My mother slept most of the trip. They fed her and made sure she drank along the way. When she got to Spring, she didn’t realize that she had been traveling all day long. I was very pleased that all had gone so smoothly. It was a great decision to choose Medical Transport Services!!

Harriet Halbert Schroeder May 16, 2018

Transfer of my mother to new nursing home

My Mother has dementia and the memory care facility in Brookfield, WI where she was residing was proving unable to provide for her needs. The situation had become critical in the first three weeks of March, 2018 and we decided we needed to move Mom to a nursing home in northern NJ, close to my sister’s home. The question was how to get her there. She could not travel by commercial airline. A 16-18 hours trip by car did not seem feasible.

One of my sisters suggested investigating non-emergency medical transport companies. I searched the Internet and contacted several firms. I first contacted Medical Transport Services about 10AM on a Sunday to obtain information about their services and to request a quote. They responded very quickly and provided a very competitive bid, which included a specially equipped van, a registered nurse, and two drivers who were also trained EMTs. All expenses were included in their bid.

Early Monday afternoon I spoke with Clara (Operations Manager) to indicate we wanted to schedule the transfer to begin Wednesday early evening, driving all night to be in northern NJ before Noon. Clara noted the short notice, but said she thought they could meet the challenge.

Within an hour, Clara called again to say they could meet our needs. She explained their coordination process, which involves contacting each party involved. I read their service agreement and paid their bill in full by credit card. I told Clara I would be accompanying my Mother on the trip.

Early Tuesday morning Clara called again to tell me she was coming on the trip as nurse. She quickly established contact with all parties to coordinate the desired arrival and corresponding departure times and related details. She were very thorough and well prepared.

The trip began smoothly. We departed on schedule. As dusk approached, my Mother, who suffers from Sundowning Syndrome, started to become very agitated and would not be calmed. It quickly became clear Clara was experienced with dementia patients and would try several approaches to dealing with my Mom’s agitation. Mom’s agitated state lasted several hours. Clara remained calm throughout, always treating my Mother respectfully. It was clear her priority was my Mother’s safety and welfare. Clara communicated throughout the trip with Adam and Alex, the drivers, who assisted Clara whenever necessary. Witnessing their resourcefulness in working to calm my Mother, I was very glad I had hired professionals, rather than attempt the trip on our own.

We traveled through the night, stopping only for fuel and food. Rain and fog along most of the route made driving more challenging. We arrived at our destination at 1145AM, right on time. The staff of the nursing home met the van as we pulled in and coordinated with Adam and Alex to move my Mom into the facility.

I want to again thank Clara, Adam and Alex for their excellent service in safely transporting and helping my Mom. They were superb. From my first contact, everyone was professional, obviously experienced and showed empathy for Mom and the family. Should we ever again need medical transport services, I would first call Medical Transport Services.

Thank you,
Donald Haig

Donald Haig May 16, 2018


Our plans on how to bring mom from New Hampshire to Oklahoma changed in an instant.. I was in full blown panic mode… until I made the call and spoke to Randy. He explained the whole entire process of medical transport on a commercial airliner and took care of every single detail. He was able to pull this off in just a few days time.. The Nurse that accompanied us on the flight could not have been more perfect! Sonia was professional, personable and so at ease – which made me feel so much better about the trip and our decision to use this service. Due to our early morning flight, we stayed at a hotel the night before- all set up by Randy. Sonia was in the very next room. She met us upon our arrival, she helped us get situated in our room, visited with us and did an assessment of mom. She looked over mom’s medical record and her numerous medications, She prepared and administered her evening meds. She helped with the plan for the next day – when to get up and what time to get to the airport.. At the airport, she helped mom – she pushed the wheelchair, she helped her to the restroom- she gave mom her meds during the flight. She treated mom with respect and dignity. Having Sonia with us was like flying with a friend, it was very comfortable. I cannot say enough about what a positive experience this was.. Our travel to OKC was without any issues. I highly recommend Medical Transport Services for anyone who is in need. And I hope Sonia is the nurse that takes care of your loved one.

Dallas Miller May 11, 2018

Making the final journey home possible.

I was struggling with moving my Mom from a life care community in Florida to an outstanding assisted living community near me where I could visit and or stay with her. Finding a destination was daunting but the how to get her here was harder. I thought about driving her straight through but knew The trip would be extremely hard to do alone.
I thought about flying her first class with her portable oxygen unit and but feared having to get her to the plane and through Atlanta. I consulted her doctor who advised me not to fly her because of her dementia and congestive heart issues. He said the altitude pressure on her heart would scare her and she would scream. He suggested finding a medical transport company. I was blessed in finding medical transport services.
The staff was extremely kind and helpful and told me every detail of the journey beforehand. There was a staff of three who each took an interest in my Mom at each four hour stop for driver changes and bathroom breaks. The male nurse helped her use the onboard bathroom and talked to her and held her hand when she was angry about being strapped to a gurney and lifted into the van. He helped her get dressed and groomed
And informed the drivers my Mom would be lifted down and allowed to walk into the new facility on her own
two feet, respecting her dignity and independent spirit. They also took care of me on the arduous sixteen hour trip making sure I could get out and walk at each stop.
I have and will continue to recommend Medical Transport Services to others who want their loved ones close. I have told both Big Bend Hospice in Florida and Crossroads Hospice in Pennsylvania about the wonderful service we received and each Hospice has called me to talk to another family about my experience.

Marcia Blackman May 9, 2018

Help in our time of need

I cannot say enough to express our happiness and satisfaction for the professional service and kindness my mother in law received with her transport to Miami From Gainesville . She is wheelchair bound and 91 years old.
The staff was there early and the trip was a straight shot to Miami. She arrived safe and well attended to . If you find yourself in the situation that you need help in transporting a loved one you can feel confident in choosing this company.

Teresa Galambos May 9, 2018

Solid Recommendation

From my first phone contact through my mother’s delivery to a hospital our experience with Medical Transport Services could not have been better. They were easy to deal with by phone and email in making arrangements for an inter-state transfer between hospitals. They kept us informed as the transfer date approached so we knew when their drivers and vehicle arrived in the city. On the day of the transfer they told us when they would arrive at her room and they were spot on time. Their staff were friendly and clearly well experienced, and they scheduled an RN on the vehicle due to Mother’s high-risk status. Oxygen and IV maintenance were no bother. They interacted well and professionally with the hospital staff. We left on time and made the 150+ mile trip with no issues. Upon arrival they again coordinated efficiently and professionally with us and the hospital staff and completed the transfer to her new bed. They made a challenging and stressful situation comfortable.

Tom Chancellor May 9, 2018

Extremely professional and compassionate

Highly recommend very compassionate and professional. They provided excellent care for our loved one during the transport driving straight through.

Jesse lee May 9, 2018

Friendly and efficient

Team showed up on time – actually a little early. They were very professional yet friendly. Drove straight through to Fort Worth, around 10 hours. Text me with updates during the trip. Very pleased with the whole process.

William Hoenes May 6, 2018

Highly Recommended

In all the stress and sorrow involved in dealing with aging parents with dementia and failing health having to leave their home, truly a bright spot was your medical transport. I accompanied my dad on his 7+ hour van ride, and was so impressed with the professionalism and excellent care provided by the team, as well as the comfort of the ride. I really will always remember the kindness of each of your employees and will recommend your company to anyone I know who needs such a service.

Amy Cartagena May 5, 2018

Commercial Medical Escort

This company is amazing, they definitely know what they are doing! I can’t say anything but PRAISES for Clara! This has been a long journey for our family to get my mom home since my dad passed away last year. It was not easy to get all the paperwork from the different agencies involved to okay my mother to fly. But Medial Transport Services got all the necessary paper work within 2 days and mom was back home within that same week. It went so smoothly, I honestly still in awe on how this company made it happen so quickly and smoothly. Your company are miracle workers! Our family thanks you so much for getting our mom back to San Diego.

Julie April 30, 2018

Delivered as promised

I was very pleased with the customer service, availability of the vehicle and transport team, management responsiveness, and pricing. They did everything they promised. I was not along for the ride and my Mom was sedated and was non-verbal at that time of her life so I can’t speak from the patient’s perspective. But she arrived safely and timely and all went well. Thank you Clara and the rest of your team!

Anonymous customer April 9, 2018

Kind and Caring

I want to thank the owners Randy and Jeannine and all the personnel, Clara, Peggy, the drivers Ed and Debbie and medic Hutch that I and my brother had worked with over a 3 month period to get my parents from Nutley, NJ to Naples, FL. Everyone we spoke with were extremely knowledgeable, very informative, respectful, kind and caring. Medical Transport Services had everything we needed for my parents move plus great customer service. I highly recommend to anyone that is looking for a transport service to move family members should look to Medical Transport Services. You will not be disappointed. Thanks again to all who helped us in this stressful time.

Lynn Duca Koslen February 28, 2018

Wonderful Organization

This is a note from Dad to your team that helped move Pansy Johnson from TX to New Mexico in January.

Dear Medical Transport Services,
I want to thank you again, for the trip from San Marcos, TX to Hatch, NM. It was uneventful and very pleasant. Your team was very professional and very personable at the same time. If all your people are as good at their jobs as Cheryl, Ed, and Debbie you have a wonderful organization. It is with pleasure and confidence that will recommend M.T. services for any long range moves. Pansy is doing very well in the Jim Wood Home.
– Webb R. Johnson

W Johnson February 15, 2018

Thank you for your amazing service

Thank you to Medical Transport Services! I was absolutely impressed with how professional, courteous and quick responding they were. Randy and Clara were helpful and reassuring and put all my worries and fears at ease. They helped transport my Dad from Statesville, NC to Sykesville, MD… the week before Christmas. After months of trying to find my Dad the right Nursing facility in Maryland I finally got word from the Maryland facility on 12/19 that they had a bed available for him. By that Friday, 12/22 medical technician “E” from Medical Transport Services was riding along with Dad back home to Maryland. Everyone was reassuring and actually did what they promised to do (which in this day and age is amazing in itself). They called me with updates throughout the process and let me know when he was about an hour away so that we could be there when he arrived. Medical technician “E” was amazing…. knowledgeable, friendly, professional. When Dad arrived, he thoroughly went over all of Dad’s meds with the nurse and with us. The Medical Transport Services team didn’t leave until we were comfortable with everything. Thank you again; I would recommend Medical Transport Services to anyone needing their type of service.

A. Krummel December 22, 2017


5/5 !!!! Due to multiple injuries sustained from a traffic accident, my husband needed to be transported from Louisville, KY, to Charlotte, NC, for continued medical treatment. The transport was very successful and exactly as Clara and her team promised. Excellent and caring service.

M.H. Lee December 17, 2017

Safe Travel for our Father

Our father was not able to return back to his home in MN after being released from transitional care. We had to somehow transport him safely to TN (14hour drive) where we live to help take care of him. He suffers from COPD, is a fall risk and is fighting cancer. We knew that if we tried to transport him in our vehicle it would have been stressful for all of us. That is when he did some research (We contacted five different transport companies). Medical Transport Service is who we decided on they were within our budget. They were so good to our dad!! They kept in contact with us during his travel and once they arrived, they went over everything with us for his care. They did not leave until we felt comfortable on what we needed to do to take over his care. Our dad really like the crew and really like the meatball sub and cookie they got him. 🙂
Thank you so much for getting our dad to us and taking the stress off of us!!

Jennifer Fowler December 15, 2017

Professional Transportation Service

Medical Transport was very professional and efficient in organizing the entire trip from Florida to Ohio for my brother who was being transferred from one nursing home to another in early December 2017. I struggled on how I was going to get him transferred this lengthy distance with his health conditions. This service was extremely helpful and made the entire process very easy. My brother said the ride was comfortable and the staff was very nice and helpful. Thank you!

Cindy Williams December 7, 2017

A Ride for Dad

First off I want to extend to you my sincere appreciation for your service!! I just was amazed at how easy and professional and caring your employees that helped with my father, Albert Lloyd. He was kept comfortable, he was offered snacks, food, the paramedic fluffed his pillow!! Wow…they were top notch! I can’t say enough about all three of them. Dad was worried, but each of them introduced them self and told him exactly what was going to happen, and he was put at ease. Dads ride was comfortable and pretty much pain free. He had severe spine and lumbar disc problems and had suffered a stroke.

I give this service A++++++++ over the top.

Thank you for being so easy to work with!!

From a very happy daughter!

Lynne McGrath daughter of Albert Lloyd

Lynne McGrath December 3, 2017

Wonderful service

My mom was on hospice and very fragile, and I was so worried about moving her such a long distance. But Medical Transport Services was very reassuring and professional. They handled all the coordination between the two facilities. The drivers and nurse were very knowledgeable and caring, making certain that Mom was comfortable and safe at all times, and had the medical care she needed. I highly recommend Medical Transport Services to anyone needing to move a fragile loved one.

Kate Fallon November 28, 2017

Mom and Me – Blessed with Comfort

I needed to get mom to Nevada to be near family for her new chapter in life that has left her fairly fragile. After researching several medical transport companies I found this company with Clara, and great staff exceeding my expectations. I travelled along side mom and I was very comfortable with her. My conversations with Clara on the phone, the other staff members in the office, and during the transport were all professionally warm and reassuring in addressing the concerns I had. These are very thoughtful and kind people you want around your family! In addition, many other companies were well over twice the cost for the same distance. I know the Lord led me to them.. Everything went smooth, and it turned out to be a blessed experience that I will always remember with mom.

Ric Tarbell November 8, 2017

Texas Nursing Home Transfer

The staff at Medical Transport Services was so kind to our family. Clara worked out the logistics for a timely transfer while dealing with power outages from a hurricane. The medics that actually transported my aunt were so nice, knowledgeable and funny. My aunt, even though it was a hard trip for her, was very thankful for the care she received. It was difficult to find a long distance transport, but I am so grateful that there is this type of service available.

Lisa Dorsey October 12, 2017

Compassionate & Professional

We were completely satisfied with the compassionate and professional service in transporting our mother from Alabama to Illinois. From the initial phone query until they arrived at the residential care facility in Illinois, they provided the best possible care for our mother and customer service for us. They are the benchmark for long-distance medical transportation.

Tim Bean October 10, 2017

No Worry Professional Service

Medical Transport Services moved my very ill sister from Vermont to Rhode Island. She had a very comfortable ride with a very professional crew onboard.
Hopefully I will never need their transport services again, but if I do it will be Medical Transport Services for sure.
Best price and no worry professional service.

Transport from Burlington Vermont to Middletown Rhode Island

Christopher Fabiszak October 7, 2017


My parents and 101 year old Grandma we’re stranded in Georgia after fleeing South Florida when Hurricane Irma passed through. They were staying in a hotel when my Grandma fell out of bed. After a week long stay at the hospital, my cousins and I were undecided on how to bring them home. We decided to us a medical transport. After reading the reviews and speaking to Clara for Medical Transport we all felt it the best choice. My Mom told me the nurse and staff on board were very kind and professional.

Elizabeth Holden October 4, 2017

Professional, Efficient, Compassionate

I accompanied Henry Duehlmeier on his trip to Naples, FL to prepare his mom for a move to Woodstock, GA. Medic Pete and drivers Don and Roberto were on time for pick-up, made the trip to Woodstock on schedule, and cared for the patient (Carole Kramer) completely and compassionately. The trip could not have gone any smoother. We are so grateful for your level of service and for the excellent staff you have in Pete, Don and Roberto. They provided a comfortable, easy transition for Carole and made the family feel completely at ease with the trip. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone requiring medical transportation. Thank you so much for the services provided, and for sending us Pete, Don and Roberto. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, efficient, and compassionate team.

Beatriz Paredez August 8, 2017


Our family needed ground transport for my granddaughter who had been wrongly sent to a Tampa medical facility. We needed transport ASAP from Tampa to Jacksonville. This company was absolutely wonderful. They made the trip with her the day after we talked. I gave them a list of things we would like them to be sure to bring with them, like her wheelchair, two extra soft blankets and her stuffed owl collection. They brought everything I mentioned to them and when they arrived here in Jacksonville, it was apparent they were very caring and conscientious people. They called to let me know when they had left Tampa with her and gave me an estimate as to when they would be here so we could meet her at the new facility. They even contacted me next day to make sure everything had gone well. I would highly recommend this company for medical transport. Price was reasonable also.

Bonnie Smedley Grandmother Patient being transported July 11, 2017

Wish come true

I needed to transport my mother from Paducah, Ky. up to Cleveland, OH. She was bedridden with stage 4 cancer and just had a major surgery to her back and couldn’t move her legs. The team at medical transport made my mother feel very comfortable and were very professional, considerate, and a pleasure to have with her on this long trip. My mother raved at how the nurse was very compassionate and they talked along the way which gave my mother comfort. They called me when they were an hour and a half before arrival so my sister and I could meet my mother when they opened the door. I would highly recommend this company for anyone needing to transport a loved one. Clara down to the drivers, nurse, and paramedic were awesome. Thank you again for making my mom’s last dying wish come true to be by her kids. 04/30/2017

Ted Dust July 7, 2017

Wonderful Service

I cannot express completely how wonderful your service is. You transported my Mom and me from Mississippi to Illinois, overnight. It was a stressful time as my Mom had injuries from a car accident. But from the time your team arrived at the hospital to the arrival in Illinois we felt safe and secure and professionally cared for. Thank you so very much. 05/18/2017

Denise st. Onge July 7, 2017

100% Professional

I selected Medical Transport To fly my injured wife from Sarasota Florida to West Bend Wisconsin. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. They picked us up at our house and delivered us to our destination on time. The care and comfort that my wife received was outstanding. It was 100% professional service. Clara, Randy, and staff did an excellent job. I would recommend Medical Transport without reservation. Larry Grescoviak June 15, 2017

Larry Grescoviak June 16, 2017

Excellent service and very professional

I rode with my Grandmother during the transport and couldn’t have been more pleased. The trip was fantastic, the driver and Paramedic were both awesome. I will refer you to anyone I know that needs long distance medical transport. Heather D | Galveston, TX to Arlington, TX | 12-31-2016

Linda McKelvey May 28, 2017

Caring and supportive

We had a date of April 11 to leave the hospital in Florida. After six days of delays with VA paperwork. Clara talked to me everyday to keep things going and let me know what was happening. Easter Sunday we departed the hospital the crew was awesome. They made the 50 hour road trip comfortable and took great care of both myself and my son! Portland, OR 2017-05-11

Karin Ahlstrom May 12, 2017

Always a Pleasure

I have had the pleasure of working with Medical Transport Services for just over 2 years as a patient handler. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant and quick to respond. Sam Knight | several customer trips booked | 11-04-2016

Sam Knight April 28, 2017

Fast and Efficient Service

We worked for a few weeks to get my Mother transferred to a Nursing Facility near me. Once we had a place lined up, your office helped with all the planning and we had her here in no time. We were very pleased with the service and care provided to the entire family during this process. B. Mitchell | Milwaukee, WI to Little Rock, AR | 01-23-2017

John Dearborne April 28, 2017

Great Office Staff

We were dealing with a lot of different people trying to get my Grandmother moved closer to family. The Office Staff at your company was such a pleasure to deal with. They were the nicest and most helpful of anyone we were talking to through the process. Your staff made this experience so easy and pleasant! Thank you! Shannon | Intrastate in TX | 12-30-2016

Shannon April 28, 2017

Awesome Crew

I needed to transport my mother from her retirement home in Minnesota to my personal home in Texas for the holidays and the staff of Medical Transport Services helped make that happen. I was very concerned about having her travel alone. My fears were unfounded. The trip was fast and efficient and the crew was wonderful. John Dearborne | MN to TX | 11-18-2016

Heather D. April 28, 2017

Excellent trip

We moved my Mother to my house from a skilled nursing center. Your office was so friendly and efficient in getting all the trip details worked out for us. You made the process so easy. And you couldn’t have sent a better crew. They were so attentive to my Mother and made her trip a pleasant one. We couldn’t have moved her without you! You all did an excellent job. C.L. | Howard Lake, MN to Louisville, KY | 01-13-2017

C.L. April 28, 2017

Happy Customer

You guys were amazing! From the office organizing everything to the wonderful drivers and Paramedic, you all did an outstanding job. Kathy R | Arlington, TX to Little Rock, AR | 01-18-2017

Kathy R. April 28, 2017

Very Pleased

We worked for a few weeks to get my Mother transferred to a Nursing Facility near me. Once we had a place lined up, your office helped with all the planning and we had her here in no time. We were very pleased with the service and care provided to the entire family during this process. B. Mitchell | Milwaukee, WI to Little Rock, AR | 01-23-2017

B. Mitchell April 28, 2017

Amazing and Loving Crew

What a wonderful service and professional crew! Tim, Lynn and Curtis eased the way for my husband’s long trip East. Their patient and loving care was so appreciated. We were definitely blessed to have found this service to meet our needs! Great company! Professional excellence and compassion combined to make all the difference! With Gratitude! Cathy & Chuck Charles & Cathy Part | Sturgeon, MO to Alexandria, VA


Charles & Cathy Part April 28, 2017

Make the best of a tough situation!

Lets face it, the simple need for medical transport services is probably not great news. Someone is ailing, and change is imminent. Our crew was exceptionally talented in making the 8+ hour trip comfortable and even at times amusing for my Dad. Just the right blend of care, support, and humor when required. Highly efficient and personable….the van was comfortable and immaculate….could not recommend MTS more highly. Brian Koelbel | Bolivia NC to West Chester PA | 02-08-2017 |

Brian Koelbel April 17, 2017


Your service could not have been better. I was very ill and stressed out but your crew calmed my fears and made the trip easy. Everything was perfect E. Joe Churchill, Illinois

E. Joe Churchill April 13, 2017

Fantastic Trip

It took a few months to convince my father to come down and visit last summer. Now he raves to everyone about his trip from Denver to Chicago in your Mercedes Transport. He is already talking about coming back next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Cheryl Harrison | Denver, CO to Chicago, Il | 06-10-2016

Cheryl Harrison August 28, 2016

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