Commercial Medical Escort

How a Commercial Medical Escort Service Works

Patient transfers by commercial airline with an air medical escort is an effective way to minimize the high cost of a traditional air ambulance for patients that meet the fit-to-fly criteria. The global network of scheduled airlines provides access to every continent making it easy to transport worldwide.

Commercial medical escort service provides bedside to bedside service. There will always be a highly qualified commercial flight nurse or paramedic onboard. They provide preflight, inflight and post flight medical care including but not limited to: Oxygen Administration, Sedation, Pain management, Toileting Assistance, Oxygen Saturation Monitoring, Monitoring all vital signs and assists with all basic needs.

To determine if a commercial medical escort on a commercial airline is the best form of transport for your needs please call us or complete our free quote request form. We will contact you within a few hours and help you determine your transport requirements.

The next step is to create a quote. When creating a quote we consider the following: Ground Transportation by sedan, limo or wheelchair transport, Airline Ticketing, Medical equipment required, Our best flight nurse for your transport and Hotel room if necessary.

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The following is our basic process when you book a commercial medical escort with Medical Transport Services

Preflight Process

  • Determine fit to fly status. Board Certified Medical Director will review all records.
  • Communicate with the departing and receiving facilities to verify patient condition, get full medical report, scheduled release and intake, other details
  • If traveling home or to a family members, verify family has made arrangements for necessary medications and oxygen if required.
  • Arrange medical clearance with the airline, approvals for required oxygen
  • Book airline tickets for the medical escort, the patient and any companions traveling with patient( first class or business class)
  • Arrange hotel stay if required
  • Arrange all ground transportation, limo, wheel chair van, town car, etc
  • Arrange wheelchair assistance through airport security, to gate and onto aircraft
  • Assemble necessary medical equipment, medications and supplies
  • Update all family members, team members and facility staff of travel plans and times


  • Our transport team arrives at facility 1 day prior to facility departure
  • Meet with family and patient
  • Perform a preflight assessment to verify no medical condition changes
  • Medical Escort transports patient to airport via pre-arranged transportation
  • Notify Family members upon arrival at airport gate
  • Early/priority boarding for comfort while boarding
  • The medical escort will provide high quality care and assistance during the flight
  • Administer oxygen and medications as necessary, assist with bathroom/hygiene care
  • Monitor the patient for any changes during the flight and take appropriate action
  • Upon arrival to gate, assist with deplaning, wheelchair and luggage
  • If extended layover is required the medical escort will locate a private lounge to ensure patient comfort and provide meals
  • Notify family members of arrival at airport

Transport from Airport

  • Locate prearranged ground transportation
  • Transport to destination facility or home
  • Secure patient in new location, provide complete medical report to receiving facility or family
  • Follow up communication within 48 hours of transport

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