Transporting Patients With Mental Health & Behavioral Disorders

behavioral disorder patient transportation

It is not surprising that medical transport ambulance services are required with the number of people living with mental health and behavioral disorders in today’s trying times and circumstances but does that mean they deserve less than adequate and professional services that come with a commercial flight nurse? No, it doesn’t.

Since the spread of the Coronavirus in 2020 and heading into 2022, the pandemic has created a vast number of behavioral disorders, mental health cases, and suicide rates have toppled the scales to devasting levels, leaving emergency and non-emergency transport ambulance and flight services short handed and in high demand.

Keep reading how to discover individuals struggling with behavioral disorders and mental health conditions can still find a reliable patient transport ambulance service.

What is a Medical Transport Service for Mental Health Disorders?

A patient transport ambulance and commercial flight nurse aid those living with a variety of behavioral health problems that specializes in the treatment of social, physical, and mental illness in young children, teenagers, and adults.

There are many behavioral health facilities that are state institutions, freestanding entities. They may also be operated through departments of acute care hospitals or independant mental healthcare facilities and can be found in various locations throughout the US with each one having a specific care for every kind of diagnosis.

Transporting the Patient

Transporting a patient with a mental health disease or behavioral disorder may need a commercial transport ambulance coupled by an emergency flight nurse. It becomes necessary when transporting patients with mental health conditions due to the simple fact they need more specialized care and an experienced medical team.

Other situations may involve patients who are on vacation or away from home that have an unfortunate accident and need a medical transport ambulance to go to a new facility or return home. These patients typically are not required to have prior approval before being checked into a new behavioral health care provider.

Treating the Patient

Mental and behavioral health patients generally require specific care during medical air transport as well as having a commercial flight nurse. Qualified medical professionals can be found on a patient transport ambulance, and they all respect the patient without judgement or discrimination.

You can expect a variety of holistic care services including:

  • Dietary requests
  • Comfortable seating
  • Pleasant conversations
  • Music and TV
  • Hand massages
  • Aroma therapy

Whether you need an emergency or non-emergency patient transport ambulance or medical air transport service, you can expect the crews to have compassion and empathy for every patient on board.

More Serious Medical Treatment Considerations

There are many considerations to consider when transporting patients with mental health and behavioral disorders. Some of these considerations include continuous medication administration, medical sedation, and mechanical medical restraints.

For medical sedation requirements, medically trained professionals use the best practices for providing vital stabilization and safety of the patient. Adding a commercial flight nurse on a medical air transport eliminates the risks of over or under medicating a patient and ensures the safety of the family, patient, and medical crew.

Patient Safety Protocols

Professional and medical transport service providers are prepared and ready for any type of patient or medical circumstance that may arise during a medical transport. Specific protocols are already in place that guarantee any medical concerns and safety issues. They are constantly updated and reviewed to provide the best care possible.

A professional patient transport ambulance or medical air transport service accepts most insurance policies that are covered by national behavioral health care facilities. This makes the process more streamlined and easier as it gets the patient to their destinations where their care is always the most important aspect.

Finding a Certified Patient Transport Ambulance or Medical Air Service

Whether you need a commercial flight nurse or non-emergency transport ambulance, Medical Transport Services has everything you need for mental health and behavioral disorder patients. We provide the best medical care and routinely update our safety protocols and procedures, ensuring maximum comfort and care for transport.

To schedule a medical transport for patients with varying degrees of behavioral disorders and mental health conditions, call us today or fill out our contact form to talk to one of our friendly representatives and get the ultimate care for the ones you care about the most.

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