How to Plan a Smooth Hospital Discharge

a plan on hospital discharge

When it comes to getting the information you need and educating yourself on how to plan a smooth hospital discharge, there are certain steps you can take to make the trip more comfortable. When hospital planning requires medical transportation before they let a patient go, it’s important to get the right transportation from hospital service.

Anytime there is a surgical procedure, the best way to eliminate post-hospitalization issues is by contacting a medical transportation service provider. They provide medically-trained professionals who are equipped with the best medical equipment and safest non-emergency transportation vehicles.

To learn more about planning a safe trip home or to your destination from the hospital and tips for safer travel, keep reading.

What is Transportation From Hospital Service?

non emergency transportation from hospitalA transportation from hospital service is known as a non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) company. They play an important role for patients who need assistance to and from the hospital or medical appointments. They can also assist with important guidelines and the different types of vehicles and services offered.

There is a difference between non-emergency and emergency medical transport companies. When an emergency ambulance is needed, 911 dispatchers contact a contracted medical transportation company, whereas non-medical situations are generally to and from health care appointments.

Here are some tips you can use to prepare for a hospital discharge:

  • Ask Your Doctor for the Discharge Recommendations: Regardless of who’s been discharged whether it’s a loved one or yourself, it is also beneficial to have the discharge paperwork handy. Each person who gets discharged from a hospital has a primary doctor, and they are the ones who write the instructions for a smooth recovery.
  • Preparing the Patient’s Home: It’s important to prepare the patient’s home before the discharge date arrives. It’s a great idea to designate a room, keep it clean, and organized so your loved one or yourself has a place to recuperate. It’s also an ideal time to determine the safety risks for those who have impaired mobility concerns.
  • Arrange Reliable, Safe Medical Transportation: Arranging reliable and safe medical transportation is paramount for a discharge from a hospital. To ensure comfort and safety, the best option is always a high quality medical transportation service provider like Medical Transport Services.

When you select a certified non-emergency medical transportation service provider, you get specialized vehicles such as wheelchair transportation and powerlift, making access in and out of the vehicle very safe for your loved ones. All transportation from hospital vehicles are secure, safe, and comfortable during the ride.

Below are some additional transportation from hospital questions to consider:

  • Does the patient being discharged from the hospital need prescription medication and when or where do you need to pick them up?
  • Who will have the prescription, the doctor or the pharmacy, and who do I contact for questions about the medicine?
  • Is there any medical equipment required like crutches, walkers, or telehealth devices, and who’s providing them?
  • Are there any emergency telephone numbers you need, and does the patient being discharged from the hospital have any emergency contact phone numbers?
  • What symptoms may the patient have who is taking prescription medication, and are there any recommended activities after surgery?
  • Are there any challenges the patient may face such as dressing, bathing, cooking, climbing stairs, driving, shopping, or picking up their medications?

While there are many questions pertaining to transportation from hospital services, the ones in the list above are a good place to start when looking for medical transport companies.

Where’s the Best Place to Get Medical Transportation Services?

Medical transportation crewSince transportation from hospital services are important for a number of reasons, here at Medical Transport Services, we provide the best non-emergency medical transportation services from the hospital to residential homes or wherever you need medical transportation.

We offer professional medical assistants and trained staff for anyone being discharged from a hospital. Our vehicles are fully equipped with the best technology and medical devices as well as power lifts for those in wheelchairs or electric scooters.

For more information to see how Medical Transportation Services can help you today with the best medical transportation from a hospital to any location you desire, call us or fill out our online contact form.