What You Need to Know About Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

non emergency medical transport escort

To every segment of the population, the significance of healthcare services can never be overlooked. Previously, people have faced a multitude of problems in terms of accessing high-quality medical care but over time medical science has progressed exponentially. Still, a lot of patients miss medical care due to a lack of transportation.

In this case, a non-emergency medical transportation business has come to the rescue. Since reliable and consistent patient access to medical care during chronic care management and wellness efforts plans is non-negotiable, NEMT services have been garnering huge popularity worldwide.

They are defined as the transportation service to patients who need transportation assistance but aren’t in an emergency condition. These NEMT vehicles are equipped with a range of facilities. To know more about NEMT and how it works, continue reading.

How Does Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Work?

non emergency medical transport escortNon-emergency medical transportation promises patients who are in need of transport to attend their medical appointments. Along with transportation, these services offer additional care for their patients, accommodating them in many ways that a public transportation system can never offer.

NEMT services serve stretcher, handicapped, senior adult patients regardless of their ages. There are local as well as long-distance non-emergency medical transport available for patients with different needs. Most of these trips are accompanied by highly trained professionals who promise patients to have a comfortable and safe trip.

Variety of NEMT Services Offered

Non-emergency transportation is mostly intended to serve patients who need to attend medical appointments or any other form of non-emergent care. Transportation during a life-threatening event like a heart attack, uncontrolled bleeding, or automobile accident can’t be expected from a NEMT service.

The variety of non-emergency medical transportation jobs entail:

  • Bariatric Transportation: Bariatric transportation services are offered to patients who need wheelchair or stretcher transportation due to overweight issues. NEMT vehicles are equipped with special features that ensure patients are transported to medical care without compromising their comfort and safety.
  • Curb-to-Curb-Service: Curb to curb is one of the non-emergency medical transportation Medicaid services offered for patients who need assistance in getting in or getting out of the vehicle. Since they’re unable to attend their medical appointments due to a lack of assistance, NEMT can be leveraged here.
  • Door-Through-Door Service: This service provides additional care for patients who need assistance to get from their own residence to reach their destination. It can be leveraged for patients with rollators, walkers, wheelchairs as well as people who need stretcher transportation.

These are the few services offered by non-emergency medical transport. Moreover, patients can use these local and long-distance non-emergency medical transport while attending medical appointments, chemotherapy, dialysis appointments, private medical appointments, or any adult daycare center appointment.

Finding Long-Distance Non-Emergency Medical Transport

In the healthcare spectrum, non-emergency transportation plays a critical role in a patient’s life. Medical Transport Service has been striving incessantly to fulfill all the inadequacies in the healthcare sector in terms of transportation so that patients can instantly access local as well as long-distance non-emergency medical transport.

If you have been searching for non-emergency medical transportation near me, make sure you hire professionals holding non-emergency medical transportation certification as it proves the qualities of these experts. To know more about our non-emergency transport service and its cost, contact us now.

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