NEMT transportation services

Medical transportation can be classified into emergency and non-emergency. The emergency transport mainly caters to patients who are in critical condition and need urgent evacuation. While emergency services are commonly provided by many companies, Non-emergency medical transport services are rare to come by.

Thankfully, there are many companies in the non-emergency medical transportation business. These companies offer diverse services to patients and individuals who may need special transport from one area to another. These NEMT services are specifically customized to serve the needs of non-emergency transport at lower costs.

While there are many medical transportation service providers out there, choosing the best is not easy. Read further to fully understand the benefits of NEMT and how to benefit from such.

NEMT van - transportation for seniors

What Are NEMT Services?

NEMT businesses simply provide non-emergency transport for people who are in critical condition but do not need emergency transport. A person who is physically handicapped may not be able to travel well in a taxi but may benefit from Non-emergency medical transport. The same goes for paralyzed individuals.

While the non-emergency medical transportation business has many players, the reliable entities are few. Those who offer non-emergency medical transportation should be scrutinized well to avoid scams. Besides, there are many NEMT companies that are too expensive and unreliable out there and may not offer value for money.

Should You Tip Medical Transport Drivers?

The work done by medical transport service providers goes beyond normal medical work. They have to sacrifice a lot to ensure that the patient is well catered for. When searching for non-emergency medical transportation services near me, remember that it is good practice to tip the Non-emergency medical transport provider.

Tipping is a good way of showing appreciation for the efforts made by the medical transportation workers and also helps create a good relationship. The work the transport team does go beyond normal transport services. As a result, keeping the workers motivated is a good gesture.

Does Medicare Part B Pay for NEMT?

While most emergency evacuations are usually covered by medical insurance companies, NEMT services are sometimes not covered. Thankfully Non-emergency medical transport is covered partly by Medicaid and medicare.

When shopping for non-emergency medical transportation Medicaid, consult widely. There are some non-emergency medical transportation companies that promise to have the cost covered only to pile up charges in the end. For this reason, it is necessary to get clear information before getting into an agreement with a service provider.

Non-emergency Medical Transportation in Florida?

In Florida, many companies have got into the industry. These NEMT businesses offer diverse services ranging from transport services on request, specialized care medical transportation, and long-distance medical transportation.

While the non-emergency medical transportation Florida industry is fast-growing, there are various obstacles that patients have to go through. The major problem is sourcing for a company with the best equipment for long-distance transportation. Patients also have to think about the cost when choosing one.

Where to Find the Best NEMT Service in Florida?

For the residents of Florida, there is some good news. At the Medical Transport Service, we know what it takes to ensure that the patient is transported from one place to another. We understand the technicalities that come with Non-emergency medical transport and we have the right solution.

For reliable non-emergency medical transportation contracts, you have to deal with a reliable partner. Among all NEMT services in Florida, we stand out in terms of our reliability. For our services, just fill our contact form and we will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

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