Factors to Consider When Booking Medical Air Transport

Factors to Consider When Booking Medical Air Transport

Medical emergencies happen all the time and when they happen, there is a need for a quick response. Medical air transport companies offer the best response when it comes to emergencies. Without the quick response of an air ambulance, the life of the patient is always at risk.

Commercial medical flights are beneficial because they reduce the time taken to have the patient at the necessary medical facility. Further, most air ambulances come fully equipped with emergency care resources. While Medical air services offer the best patient transport by air, there are many factors the be considered when choosing one.

When considering to use air transport for medical emergencies, keep reading to discover some of the factors that impact medical air flight services.
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What is a Medical Flight?

A medical flight simply refers to any medical evacuation done by air. The biggest constraint when it comes to medical flight transport is the cost of the service. Non-emergency medical air transport cost is slightly affordable and manageable to many people. But when it comes to emergencies, the cost goes up.

When choosing the right long distance medical transport services providing non-emergency flights, there are a few factors to be considered.

These are:

  • Whether patient transport by air will affect the medical bill
  • The presence of caregivers on the flight
  • The availability of the right equipment on the flight
    In case of an emergency, it is sometimes necessary to have the patient transported without looking at the cost. Below are the questions to ask before getting on a medical flight.

    What Medical Equipment is Available on the Flight?

    Some companies do not have sufficient equipment to keep the patient in a stable state. Every patient needs to enquire about available tools before boarding any medical air transport.
    advanced life support kit

    The key equipment to look out for on an air ambulance include:

  • An ECG monitor
  • Cardiac monitors/defibrillator
  • Advanced life support kits
  • Respiratory kits
  • IV kits
    Most medical flight transport service providers will provide information on the equipment they have upfront. In some commercial medical flights, patients are asked to choose packages based on equipment available onboard.

    Are There Caregivers on The Flight?

    It is also important to find out whether there are some caregivers on the air ambulance. There are some medical air transport service providers that only offer transportation. While such services may be helpful in emergency evacuations, they are not very helpful in saving lives.

    Some of the caregivers that should be on medical charter flights include doctors, nurses, paramedics, and respiratory therapists. Some flights come with such a large team that an emergency operation can be performed mid-air.

    Who Covers The Medical Costs?

    Cost is a big issue that must always be looked at before boarding medical transport flights. Emergencies do not present the best time to ask questions, but it is important to know whether medical air transport is covered by insurance.

    Some medical flight transport companies are recognized and accepted by most insurance firms. Checking such factors may reduce the medical cost burden caused by air evacuations.

    Where to Book Medical Flight Transport Services?

    When an emergency happens, it is important to have the right medical air transport in mind. This helps save time and most importantly preserve the life at hand.

    At Medical Transport Services we understand the need to have the patient evacuated on time. For this reason, we are always available to offer various emergency air evacuation options including a medical private jet.

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