Air Ambulance Service and Being Prepared if Needed

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Updated on October 12, 2021

Air ambulance service can be pretty expensive but it’s considered the most beneficial service when patients need a fast, reliable, and safe method of transportation. Air ambulance services are one of the easiest and best ways for patients to go from one destination to another especially when the distance is too long.

It’s often a challenge for patients to travel from one city to another especially when they’re injured or suffering from serious illnesses. Therefore, non-emergency medical transport services tend to use air ambulance services in order to transport these patients safely while eliminating the possibility of them being injured more on the way.

Have you considered what would happen if you had a serious injury or illness while traveling far away from home? Most travelers do not think about how they would get home if they experienced an injury or serious illness while traveling. You might think that an accident won’t happen to you, but an unfortunate accident can happen to anyone at any time. A slip on a set of stairs might be all that it takes for you to have a serious medical problem far away from home. At Medical Transport Services, we offer long distance medical transport services and transport to patients of any age. We are also set up to transport special-needs patients. Commercial airlines may not allow you to fly home on your own or with your travel partner because of medical liability. At Medical Transport Services, we offer long-distance air ambulance service to help you get home safely.

What Our Air Ambulance Service Is

At Medical Transport Services, we are not an insurance provider. We are an air ambulance that you can use if you need a medical evaluation. Our services work with your travel insurance to cover your evacuation costs. Paying for an air ambulance out-of-pocket could be cost-prohibitive, so it is a good idea to ensure that your travel insurance includes medical evacuation coverage. We liaise with your medical insurance company for pre-authorization and document submission.

Basic In-flight Medical Services

flight medical staff We provide both emergency and non-emergency air medical transports. Our medical associates take patients to and from hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and private residences. Our crews consist of a flight nurse and a flight paramedic or respiratory therapist in addition to the licensed pilots. Our planes are like a flying intensive care unit. The patient area features a medical stretcher and base, oxygen and ventilators, IV pumps, medications and more. During the in-flight bedside services, we provide medical care including but not limited to oxygen administration and saturation monitoring, sedation, main management, wound care maintenance, temperature monitoring, vital signs monitoring and toileting assistance.

Specialty In-flight Medical Care

Our flight nurses and paramedics also provide specialty in-flight medical care. With a 12-lead EKG and medical infusion pump, we provide your physicians on the ground with real-time updates about your status. We also offer advanced airway placement, intra-aortic balloon pump monitoring, intubation and vaso-active medications and blood products.

About Air Ambulance Evacuation Options

We provide high-quality long-distance medical transportation to all of the lower 48 states. The minimum transport distance for our air ambulance is 200 miles. We do not have a maximum transportation distance. Your safety and care are our top priorities. Transporting an ill or injured patient may be difficult for family members. If you are on vacation and far away from your friends and family, you may not be able to rely on anyone else to perform a medical evacuation in a critical situation. We remove the burden of getting you where you

Air Ambulance Service You Can Depend On

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After you contact us for assistance, we assign the best crew based on your situation. We listen to your preferences for air ambulance services. Whenever possible, we adhere to your desires as it relates to your medical evacuation. Our evacuation team handles all of your travel arrangements. By effectively communicating with the departing and receiving facilities, we are able to take care of every pertinent detail related to your health and well-being. Our flight nurse or paramedic maintains communication with your family and physicians or medical care team at home. We also offer medical escort services for commercial fit-to-fly medical evacuations. This minimizes your costs while ensuring your safety and comfort.

At Medical Transport Services, we offer 24/7/365 long-distance medical transportation services. Customer safety and care are our highest priorities, and we strive to exceed your expectations for reliable and dependable medical transportation. We ensure the safety, comfort and reliability of our transportation services. We are proud of our 75 years of experience with long-distance medical transportation, and we offer that expertise when you need it the most. Contact us today at 1-800-687-0607 to learn more.

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