What Does a Medical Escort Do?

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Updated on October 12, 2021

Patients who have suffered from a medical emergency can be transported to a medical care center using an emergency ambulance service. However, there are no such facilities available for patients who need non-emergency medical care such as attending a medical appointment, going for surgery, or anything that’s less pressing.

Further, medical escort services were introduced to help these patients with less pressing medical needs. These medical escort services are provided by professional medical escort companies, commercial aircraft, and sometimes by people who work for medical repatriation companies.

Patients can be transported anywhere from one city to another or one clinic to another using these top-notch, well-equipped transportation services.

A medical escort service provides non-emergency transport for patients from one location to another. This is an affordable commercial flight medical escorts service that utilizes standard business and first-class airline chairs and provides a stretcher for those who cannot be in a sitting position during the takeoff and landing phases. In addition, there is equipment for basic medical treatment, including monitoring and CPR. An escort can also give medication during the journey.


medical staff advice

Medical escorts offer advice to patients and their families at no extra cost. This advice relates to the transport, health management and repatriation of a person who is injured or becomes ill while traveling outside of the country. An escort can also assist with insurance needs and requirements.


Along with transport services, a medical escort provides a network of paramedics, doctors, nurses and other professionals to ensure the best care for patients. This team can arrange appointments, referrals, treatment and hospital admittance. The escort can also locate car repair facilities and hotels for its patients as well as equipment moving services to airlines and businesses around the globe.


An air ambulance company with medical escort service provides the following to its patients:

• Investigation, assessment and advice for accidents and unexpected illness that takes place outside of the country

• A staff doctor to give expert advice and to recommend specialists when needed

• The right type of aircraft for the length of the trip and the needs of the patient

• Modern medical aviation equipment

• An appropriate medical team for the condition of the patient

• A medical referral to the patient’s hospital

• Liaison service to ensure the patient’s comfort, emotional support and other needs during the trip

• Proper insurance to protect the interests of the patient


When evacuation services are required, all decisions are based on medical need rather than cost to avoid unnecessary risk. When an evacuation is hurried or poorly organized, it can be dangerous and expensive to both the patient and their family. A medical escort will coordinate with authorities to ensure a smooth evacuation process that keeps everyone safe while supporting the health needs of the patient.


patient repatriation
Another consideration of air ambulance travel is repatriation, which often comes up in health care scenarios. For example, when someone from another country is visiting the United States on a visa becomes ill, their personal health insurance may not be valid. In that case, the insurance company will repatriate that individual in order to receive treatment. A medical escort service can provide repatriation right in the air ambulance by communicating with the patient, their insurance provider, a repatriation company and all involved embassies. An individual who has received a course of treatment can be repatriated during the return trip to their home country. This reduces risk, and saves time and expense. Communication is very important during this process to make sure the patient is fit for travel and to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Medical Transport Services offers long-distance medical escort services across the country and internationally. The staff is available around the clock to support and accommodate the needs of patients in unique situations. The company is licensed, insured and accredited and provides non-emergency transportation with the latest high-tech equipment and cost-effective operation.

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