What is an Air Medical Escort?

A medical escort is a specialized service for those who are not able to move well or otherwise need support during travel. This service is helpful when a loved one is moving from one state to another or must travel to another country for treatment. The focus is on aiding medically stable people who are traveling on commercial airline flights and need medication, monitoring or oxygen on their journey.

Medical Escort Service

When choosing a medical escort service, there are many considerations. The most important factors are listed below:

• Is it a bed-to-bed service? Not all companies are alike, and some may only provide personnel for the flight, leaving further arrangements to the family members or local medical transportation services. Before booking, ensure that the patient will receive assistance for every step of their journey, including on the ground.

• Are all booking needs covered? When a patient travels by air, they will need transportation to the airport, help going through security and may also require a wheelchair, an oxygen supply and specific medical equipment. All of these needs should be covered by the service.

• Will the patient receive priority boarding and an appropriate seating assignment? Those who have special medical needs should always board a plane first to avoid jostling and being stuck in a queue on the jet bridge. This is especially important when there is a wheelchair involved, and a bulkhead seat is needed.

• Can a receiving facility be arranged? The medical escort service should be able to help the patient transition to a receiving facility at their destination.

• Does staff have the proper credentials to enter other countries? When international travel is involved, all medical staff should have current passports, visas and other crucial documents to avoid delays at the destination. This is vital to prevent stress to the patient.

Medical Escort Staff

When a patient travels, loved ones want the very best care and companionship for that journey. Choosing the right service means the patient is always in capable hands and will arrive safely at their new home or treatment country. The service should provide information on all of its staff members, including their CCU and ICU experience, which is crucial should an emergency situation arise. The service should also have a full medical report on the patient before starting travel to ensure the patient receives needed medication and other required support. A patient must be medically stable before any trip can begin.

Medical Escort Options

While medical escorts typically accompany patients on commercial flights, there is always the option of using a special aircraft to transport the patient. While this method is generally used for critically ill people, it can provide a low-stress travel experience for a medically stable patient who may be unable to cope with the noise, crowding and inconvenience of a standard airline flight. Although the cost of a private aircraft is much higher, it can be a worthy investment for the emotional well being of the patient.

When a loved one needs some extra assistance going from one place to another, a medical escort is an excellent choice for care and safety. Medical Transport Services has the equipment, personnel and experience for any journey. Visit the website or call 800-687-0607 for more information.

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