3 Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

3 Benefits of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

If you or a loved one ever suffers from a non-emergency medical situation and needs fast and reliable transportation to the nearest hospital, a more cost-effective solution than an ambulance ride is to use a non emergency medical transportation (NEMT) service. This form of transport service allows you to travel quickly and safely from one place to another without the outrageous ambulance fees that come from calling emergency services like 911.

Some modes of transportation that are used in NEMT include cars, ambulances, vans, and even airplanes. In some cases, medicare can cover the cost of your NEMT ride, so check with your insurance provider to see if this coverage applies to you or not.

What are Non-Emergency Medical Situations?

A non-emergency medical situation refers to any situation that does not require immediate and urgent medical assistance. It is usually applicable to chronic and long-standing illnesses and conditions in individuals that pose no urgent threat.

A few examples of such situations include:

long-distance medical transportation

  • Osteoarthritis knees that have not acutely worsened
  • Nasal Polyps
  • Sprained and pulled muscles
  • Dialysis appointments
  • Minor burns and cuts
  • Gastrointestinal illnesses
  • Mild skin infections
  • When’s the Best Time to Call NEMT Services?

NEMTs are available 24/7/365, and anytime that you or a loved one is not suffering from life threatening injuries or severe health complications is a good time to call one.

Here are three major benefits to using non-emergency medical transportation services:

1. NEMT is Less Expensive Than an Ambulance

Nearly 3.5 million Americans miss or push back medical appointments, either because they cannot afford them or do not have the necessary transportation measures in their area. For example, if you need to get to the hospital for an appointment, but you’re in a wheelchair, it can be difficult to get there in a passenger vehicle.

That’s where non-emergency medical services come in. Although the prices of a NEMT service can vary widely depending on the type of vehicle; however, in most cases, they are oftentimes 10-times less expensive than an ambulance ride.

2. The Same Quality of Transportation Service

medical vehicles companyDespite what you may believe, choosing NEMT does not mean you’ll be receiving mediocre service. In fact, most NEMT providers have a trained personnel of experienced nurses and drivers. These workers are usually equipped with the most recent certifications and go for regular training workshops in order to keep their credientials.

NEMT air medical escort can also provide stretchers, wheelchairs, and more. The ride is usually personalized to fit a client’s requirements with the assistance of a medical professional if required.

3. A Greater Sense of Independence

One of the problems that disabled and older adults in America commonly face is dealing with a reduced sense of independence. This is caused by constantly relying on your friends and family to take you to your medical appointments. If this is a sore spot for you, you can rely on NEMT services to efficiently bring you from one location to another with minimum fuss or expenses.

Consider Hiring a Professional NEMT Service Provider

When you’re looking for your next long-distance NEMT trip, consider hiring Medical Transport Services. We are dedicated to providing premium, comfortable, and affordable services that will make reaching your next medical appointment carefree and enjoyable. Operating in 48 states, Medical Transport Services is just a phone call away, and we provide our valued customers with the safe and enjoyable rides they need for long distance medical trips.

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