5 Tips on Booking Long Distance Medical Transportation

When you need a ride to your doctor or hospital, you do not want to get stuck with a bigger bill simply because you did not know the costs. However, this happens to many patients who request local medical transportation services without doing a bit of research before booking.

These tips can help you avoid expedient costs and surprises for your next booking.

Ask What Vehicle You’ll Be Traveling In

You could be spending several hours in a vehicle, so you want to make sure that it’s comfortable and quiet. You should also feel safe that the vehicle won’t get stuck on the side of the road. That’s why it’s best to ask about the vehicle make, model, year, and safety.

You can also ask questions like, when was the vehicle serviced last? Do they have air conditioning or USB/Bluetooth compatibility? It should be easy for any medical transportation company to provide you with these details.

Check Reviews First

Before you book, you should always check out previous experiences from reviews and ratings. Did they arrive on time? How was the driver? Were the vehicles nice? What was customer service like? You can get a sense of how your experience will be by looking through these reviews.

Call the Customer Service Number

If you got stuck in the vehicle or something else went wrong, who would you call at the company to get help? To test run this, you should call the customer service team and see how long it takes to get help. Were you able to get your question answered in five minutes? How helpful was the agent? In some cases, you won’t be able to reach anybody without going through hoops or the response isn’t helpful at all. It’s best to figure out how a company treats customers beforehand.

Prepare for Your Appointment and Check the Time/Date

When you schedule your transportation, you want to make sure that it’s for the right date and time. You won’t be able to get compensation if you provided the wrong dates. To be extra careful, we recommend calling your doctor or double-checking any appointment times in advance of the trip.

In addition, you should make a packing list for the trip, especially if you are planning an overnight stay. What medications do you need to bring? What comfort items do you need? You may need toiletries, snacks, extra clothes, pillows, and other items that you could forget in the heat of the moment.

Find Out All Costs Before the Trip

The medical transportation company should provide you with an itinerary and receipt that includes all costs. However, you should also factor in additional costs in your budget. For example, are you staying at a hotel that requires a credit card and deposit? What about snacks and drinks for your trip? Are you also planning for a company to stay with you? You should have a full budget to ensure that you have all costs properly accounted for so there are no surprises.

What In-Transit Care is Provided?

Do you need extra medical care during your transport? Most medical transportation companies have a trained driver with some emergency medical supplies. You may want to check with the company beforehand to see what they offer in terms of medical services if necessary.

Let People Know About Your Appointment

While you may think it’s not that big of a trip, you are still getting in a car with strangers and going on a longer trip than usual. Even if you don’t have an urgent medical condition, you should let someone know where you are headed, at what time, and when you’ll be back.

In addition, you should keep your phone on you and bring your charger. It’s important to be accessible, particularly if traveling by yourself.


Check If Transporter Has Wheelchair Access

If you require wheelchair access or need a stretcher transport, you should check with the company beforehand. You can ask detailed questions and note the equipment being used to ensure that you get the best service.

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