Benefits of Using A Private Medical Transportation Service

If you need fast, medical attention, you may want to use private medical transportation services. These are private ambulances that quickly take you to any hospital of your choice. While an EMS or city ambulance must take you to a hospital within a 10-minute area, long distance ambulance transport can take you to any number of hospitals that you like.

There are other benefits to using private medical transportation services including:

On-Demand Medical Transport

While public ambulances are just for emergencies, you can use private medical transport any time for any reason. For example, if you need to go in for a check-up or have to visit the hospital for treatment, you may use a transport service to get you there.

Non-Emergency Medical Attention


Private medical transports are different than EMS, which responds to emergency health issues as fast as possible. You do not have to be in an emergency to request a private ambulance. In fact, it’s best used when you simply need a transport equipped with medical supplies and trained drivers, but there are no dire circumstances. In emergency situations, you always want to call 911 to get an EMS.


Best for Patients Who Can’t Drive

Private medical transports offer more benefits to those who are immobile or do not own a vehicle. With a private ambulance, you can receive a scheduled pickup at any given time to take you to your doctor. You can also schedule a pickup from the hospital after you’ve been discharged.

Nursing Home Transportation

Nursing home residents typically do not own vehicles and need help getting to medical appointments that require a hospital visit. Many patients in nursing homes choose private medical transports because they are safer than a taxi or ride-share driver. With professional medical transport, you also have access to medical attention if needed.

Specialist Visits and Outside Hospitals

There are some hospitals that EMS ambulances are not allowed to visit, typically because they are outside of the network or not located within 10 minutes of the pickup. However, private ambulances are allowed to go anywhere, which works well for those who have special treatments at faraway hospitals.

Specially Trained Drivers and Basic Medical Support

Just like with an EMS, private ambulances come equipped with everything patients need for life support, paramedic supplies, and emergency help. The drivers are also trained to handle patients who need urgent care. While it’s still best to call 911, private medical transports are there when a problem arises.

Hire a Medical Transport for Special Events

Big outdoor events typically have private medical transports on standby just in case something happens. This means that trained drivers can help your guests if an emergency arises. This is especially beneficial for festivals and outdoor events where extreme temperatures may lead to dehydration.

You can schedule a transport to pick you up and get a full estimate on the cost before ever getting into the private ambulance. This is extremely different from getting into an EMS, which may charge you exorbitant rates just for taking you to the nearest hospital.

Ready for the Convenience of a Private Medical Transport?

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