Pros and Cons of medical transport services

Non-emergency transportation is increasingly gaining popularity across the United States. It is a great service that patients can use to move from one facility to another or back home from a hospital visit over 200 miles away, maybe a move is necessary to get closer to family and family for help with care.

Why use medical transport services?

Every day thousands of people across the country are faced with the problem of getting their loved ones transported from one town to another or from one state to another. Most of them are often thrown into a dilemma between going for the air ambulance services or the ground ambulances.

Making decisions in difficult time can lead to a happy and successful transport of a loved one. Difficult decisions is one reason why long distance medical transport services come in handy.

However, many people don’t understood the advantages and disadvantages of using either air or ground transport. The most common choices for long distance transport are either the air ambulance, commercial medical escort or ground medical transportation.

In many cases the hospitals don’t really give the family much of a heads up when the patient may be released. It’s important therefore to be prepared and avoid being caught off-guard looking for last minute long distance medical transportation. For example, ensure you contact the long distance medical transport provider as soon as you may have the need. This way you have time to arrange the transport and the transport company can work with the facilities to facilitate transport.

Pros of medical transport services

  • They are dependable

One of the greatest advantages of medical transport services is their dependability. As long as you have made prior arrangements and contacted them, the company sends their ground or air ambulance within the shortest possible time, usually within 48 hours. This is unlike other non emergency services where a patient can wait longer than expected.

  • They have qualified Paramedics and Nurses

Another advantage of medical transport services is that they provide care to patients who may have needs during transport. They work hand in hand with their medical doctor who help deal with situations that may arise during a long distance transport.

  • Their vehicles are fitted with stretchers

All of the vehicles used by medical transport services are designed in such a way that they are able to accommodate patients that must lay flat while being transported. This makes it easy to transport patients who are in comfortable and cost-efficient way.

Medical transport companies respond faster than conventional service providers
The other advantage of medical transport services is that they can normally assist when called upon. They air ambulances that are always on standby to attend to critical and emergency cases across the country and non emergency ground transport units and usually arrive within 48 hours

Cons of medical transport services

  • One of the disadvantages of air ambulances transport services is high cost.
  • Some companies might charge almost two to three times or more than the cost of ground transport.

    • The other disadvantage is that some medical transport companies do not offer their services in certain areas.

    Besides, air transportation can be hindered by factors such as the weather – hence causing a great deal on the life of the patient.

    In general, medical transport services play a big role in the medical sector. They do a lot in supplementing the inadequacies in the health sector. It is a fact that most patients lose their lives simply because they are not able to reach the hospital on time.

    That’s the reason medical transport companies have been lauded for the great work they are doing. Medical transport services continues to provide a needed service all across the country.

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