Suggestions to Follow When Calling 911

An emergency can occur without warning at any time, even when using commercial medical escorts. The fastest way to receive assistance is by calling 911. This number can be used to report a fire or accident and to summon an ambulance. Once the call has been made, a dispatcher connects to the correct service for the situation. A basic guideline to using 911 is outlined below.

Do Not Hang Up

The operators who take 911 calls have receive special training to get information as fast as possible and to provide safety and stabilization instructions to callers. If 911 has been dialed in error, the person should stay on the line to explain it was a mistake. When someone hangs up, the number will be called back to make sure there is no actual emergency, and the police may be called to check the location.


Answer Questions

After calling 911, it is best to stay calm while talking to the operator and answering questions. While this is challenging, it helps the operator to get accurate information and send the correct assistance without delay. Taking deep breaths can help with focus during the call.

Communicate the Location

When calling 911 from a wireless phone, a person may be connected to a call center that is not local, making it very important to provide all details about where the emergency is. All commercial medical escorts are trained to use 911 effectively and receive help for their patients in the quickest way possible.

Use Technology Properly

While technology has enhanced the quality of life for many people, it can be used the wrong way. If a person does not know how to use the devices at work and at home, calling for help could become complicated. It is also helpful to register a household with the Smart911 service, which gives 911 operators a profile of information when a person calls from a specific phone number.

Teach Children to Use 911

Teaching children how to use 911 is crucial. If they are not comfortable talking to an operator, texting may be easier for them, and they should always have access to at least one phone in the home. They should memorize their address, the names of their parents and any other important personal details. Children should also understand the importance of not hanging up before a resolution is reached. It is helpful to post the information on the refrigerator where a child can easily find it.


Do Not Misuse the 911 Service

The most important thing to know about using 911 is that it is a violation of law to call the number in a non-emergency situation. People sometimes think it is funny to make prank calls or to harass the operators. These acts not only waste the time of the operators, they can block people in an actual emergency from receiving the help they need. Everyone in a household should understand that repeatedly calling 911 for pranks or non-emergencies can result in the police being notified and legal action being taken.

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