Tips and Tricks to Maintaining Senior Activity

Senior citizens need to stay active and connected to their communities for both physical and mental health. Those who do not have opportunities to get out and socialize with others are at risk for depression, which may hasten decline. This is especially true of seniors who no longer drive. Uber and Lyft ride share services offer a safe and comfortable way to get around town and participate in fun activities.



Visiting family and friends in different parts of the country can be allot of fun and very rewarding travel. Using commercial medical escorts is a great option for those that need extra assistance while traveling on board commercial airlines. The Medical Escort nurse can pick you up at home and deliver you to the destination, providing assistance the entire way.


Swim Classes

The CDC recommends that seniors get at least 30 minutes of activity each day for optimal health. While there are many ways to reach this goal, swimming is one of the best options. It is a gentle, non-weight bearing exercise that does not put undue pressure on the joints. Going to a swim class each week gives seniors an opportunity to socialize and build new friendships.


Adult Day Care

The key to good mental health is staying busy, and adult day care offers outings, activities and socializing for seniors. The programs are perfect for those who would otherwise not be able to leave the house and would become bored and lonely.

Game Nights

Many communities have senior game nights in local establishments. Card games, board games and bingo are fun ways to keep seniors mentally alert as they socialize with others in their age group. If there are no planned game nights in the area, family members can start one at the senior’s home. Everyone can bring a snack, and each participant can take a turn bringing the game.


College Classes

The brain changes with age, and the gray matter begins to atrophy. Research has shown that constantly learning new information and skills can offset this process and improve the mental capacity of seniors. One of the easiest ways to learn new things is by taking classes. Some states waive the student fees for those over age 60, making enrollment very affordable. By using home health aid, care givers or volunteers, seniors can attend classes at any time of day to get out of the house, learn new things and mingle with younger generations.

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is a program staffed by volunteers to deliver healthy meals to seniors who are home bound. This presents an opportunity to socialize and offer support for seniors a few times per week.



Volunteers are always needed at non-profit organizations, by the police department and at childcare centers. Going out each day gives seniors something to look forward to while keeping them physically and mentally active. Those who have a life purpose are happier, and helping others makes them feel needed and useful.

Nintendo Wii

While video games are marketed toward younger generations, seniors can also get many benefits from them, especially the Wii. It offers games that require mobility and motion, which keeps seniors physically fit. The entire family can participate in bowling and tennis on the Wii, and seniors can invite their friends to play as well. Even when played alone, Wii games are an excellent way for seniors to stay active and have fun.

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