Tips to Long Distance Travel With Arthritis

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition of the joints, presenting with stiffness and pain. The two most common types are rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, both of which worsen as a person ages. When traveling by ground with a medical escort service, it is important to remember that sitting for prolonged periods can make arthritis symptoms flare up. This affects the knees, spine and hips. The following outlines exercises that can be performed during ground travel to relieve the discomfort of arthritis.

Exercises for Arthritis

The main problem with ground transport is the length of time spent sitting. Even with a comfortable bed, being in one position for too long can make pain and stiffness much worse. These exercises will improve circulation and reduce uncomfortable swelling:

  • Raising and lowering the toes while keeping the heels of the foot stationary
  • Raising and lowering the heels while keeping the toes stationary
  • Tightening and relaxing the leg muscles, especially the calves, which are prone to cramping
  • Lifting the feet off the floor and straightening the legs in a hamstring stretch, if space allows

Traveling by Medical Transport

Those who have arthritis and must travel a considerable distance should consider using a special medical transport. These vehicles are designed for those who have mobility issues or just need some assistance while traveling from one location to another. This includes individuals who are senior citizens or who are disabled and cannot travel alone. A medical transport is a self-contained environment with climate control, a stretcher with a comfortable mattress and a recliner chair. The vehicle size allows for freedom of movement during the journey, which reduces the symptoms of arthritis. When looking for a medical transport service, it is important to inspect the vehicle fleet to ensure it is using customized coaches. Many companies utilize Ford Transits Nissan vans that do not offer the size, comfort or amenities of real medical transport vehicles.

Medical Coach Crew

When traveling by ground, safety is the top priority. Every transport unit is staffed with a team of three that includes a nurse and two experienced, professional drivers. Having two drivers ensures that the trip will proceed without lengthy and unnecessary delays. Each nurse is required to have a minimum of five years experience with compassionate care and will be at the bedside of the patient every step of the way to care for all medical needs. When it comes to joint issues, the nurse can provide a sitting area for the patient to provide the best support during travel. The transport will stop every 4-6 hours or as needed to allow the patient to get out and move around. It is also helpful to use good posture while in a seated position, along with using compresses and doing seat therapy exercises to reduce the discomfort of arthritis while traveling.

Choose Carefully

Finding the right transport company takes research and patience. The most important points are certification, safety record and reviews. Asking important questions and talking with current or former clients is helpful in the selection process. Cost should not be the only deciding factor.

When it comes to moving a loved one long distance, Medical Transport Services has the experience and the vehicles to ensure both safety and comfort. Visit the website or call 800-687-0607 for more details about this medical escort service.

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