Safety Tips For Long Distance Medical Transportation

Senior patients who use long distance medical transport often have questions about what they should pack and other details about their trip. When there is a pre-existing health condition involved, it is crucial that drivers and other personnel are trained to respond appropriately. Most importantly, a patient should always be as comfortable as possible and feel safe during their journey.
The following tips will ensure a safe trip for a senior patient.

Check the Driver’s Credentials

To ensure the safest journey towards the medical center, patients must check the driver’s credentials and vehicle type information. An experienced driver can handle even an emergency situation while a novice one can make it worse. Therefore, it’s crucial to check the driver’s credentials and make sure they are drug-tested too.

Be Aware of the Hidden Costs

Medical transportation is unquestionably useful in times of need. However, there are times when it can burn a hole in the pocket due to lack of awareness regarding the transportation costs. Hence, prior to booking the services, it’s important to make a note of the additional costs to stay financially prepared.

Bring a Mobile Phone

While the senior is in transit, family members and friends will want to stay in touch and receive updates. A mobile phone allows the person to check in periodically or alert family members if something happens.

Provide Contact Information

It is likely that the senior will have phone numbers and contact information on their mobile phone, but it is a good idea to have this data written down in case the device is lost or malfunctions. This will allow the doctor, nurse or driver to contact the senior’s family in the case of an emergency.


It is very important for the senior to stay hydrated during their journey. Ensure there are several bottles of their favorite water packed with their other necessities.

Change of Clothes

An overnight trip means packing extra clothes, especially if there are anticipated changes in weather. Senior patients often have trouble staying warm, so a jacket, sweater and a blanket should be included with their regular clothes. Do not forget to pack extra socks and a second pair of shoes.


After determining how long the trip will take, it is time to consider the medications and supplements that will be required during that time. The senior may also require eye drops, reading glasses and other products that are a part of their daily routine. In some cases, a driver may be able to help the senior pack their essential items.

Get Medical Clearance

Before booking the trip, the senior or caretaker should ensure that proper medical clearance has been given, especially in the case of surgery. This will avoid traveling a long distance for nothing. Typically, medical clearance can be obtained within 24 to 48 hours before departure, but it is best to get the clearance at least seven days before the medical appointment.

Do Research

Choosing a long-distance medical transport provider requires thorough research along with asking important questions. The vehicle should be in good running order, the staff should be experienced with the medical and emotional needs of seniors and the company itself should be licensed and certified. Reading reviews and getting in contact with people who have used the service in the past will lead to a reputable choice.

Dementia Patients

A senior with dementia or Alzheimer’s is very reliant on a daily routine and schedule to avoid mental confusion. Medical travel will remove the person from their safe space and cause them to become agitated or flustered. The transport company should be alerted about the dementia issue ahead of time in order to be prepared and help the trip go as smoothly as possible.

Traveling long distance for surgery or medical treatment can be stressful for a senior person. The staff at Medical Transport Services is always available to answer questions and provide a worry-free travel experience. Visit the website or call to schedule a consultation.

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