How to Find a Reliable Air Ambulance or Medical Escort When Out of Town

Whether for fun or work, many people travel to exotic destinations outside of the United States each year. Even with the most careful planning, not many consider what they would do if they suddenly became injured or sick. There is no way to know if the local medical facilities in a foreign country can offer the same level of care as a domestic hospital. A report from Centers for Disease Control revealed that up to 24 percent of travelers die of injuries because of sub-standard care when on vacation. Regardless of what the emergency is, most want to travel home immediately and may need the care of a nurse while doing so. This is where an air ambulance or air medical escort comes in. The following explains how to find reliable service when traveling abroad.

Tell Other Travelers and Crew

In some cases, a person may become ill while on a cruise ship or an airplane. It is important to alert the crew and passengers to the situation in order to receive timely aid, especially if there is a doctor or someone with medical experience on board.

Find International Medical Evacuation

Some air ambulance providers do not offer service outside of their own country. This means the person must be transported from their current location to a hospital within the foreign land. If the person’s travel insurance does not pay for the cost of medevac, the individual will need to find a service that flies internationally.


Ask Questions

The following questions should be asked when looking for an air ambulance service:

• Does the service provide air medical transport, or is it just a broker?

• How long has the service been in business?

• Does the service maintain its own aircraft fleet?

• Does the service employ its own medical crew?

Look for Gold Standard Accreditation

The first thing to look for in accreditation is CAMTS. There should also be certifications from IAMTCS and the FAA. A trusted air ambulance company will have global authority along with the professionalism and knowledge to handle any situation.

Ensure Upfront Costs are Covered

When choosing an air ambulance, it is important to know if the upfront cost is covered by insurance. Some insurance providers will pay part or most of the expenses, but others do not include long-distance transport in the policy. This is where a membership plan can be helpful in covering the costs of traveling by air ambulance.


Inquire About Patient Care Capabilities

While some people require medical care and monitoring as they travel home, others may not need this level of care. The air ambulance company that is chosen should be able to provide services that range from a commercial medical escort all the way up to bedside-to-bedside transport of a critically ill patient.

Examine the Patient Care Services

One of the most critical features of an air ambulance service is how quickly it responds to the needs of the patient. In addition, it should also be able to handle flying in various weather conditions and deal with any other type of emergency situation that might occur. Not all companies are the same. The one that is right will have excellent reviews, be available around the clock for consultation and will have a high level of trust with the public.

Medical Transport Services is always standing by to meet the medical needs of travelers. Those who need an air medical escort can call 1-800-687-0607 for more information or visit the website to see what options are available.

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