10 Warning Signs That You Need to Use Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Last Updated on February 16, 2021 by Randy Cherry

If you have always lived independently and driven yourself to wherever you need to go, it may difficult for you to admit that you need help of Local NEMT service as you age. Adults lose their senses gradually as they get older, and you may not realize that it is safer to use non-emergency medical transport (NEMT) rather than driving the car and putting others at risk. NEMT will pick you up at your home and take you to medical appointments, shopping and social events in comfort and safety. You can still go about your life with less stress and avoid getting lost, into an accident or possibly hurting someone.


If you are not sure whether you need NEMT, ask yourself the following questions:


Are You Having Many Near-Accidents?

Driving requires a person to multitask with their senses. As you age, you will not see as well, and your hearing will diminish. If you find yourself having many near-miss events where you are not judging distances properly, hearing sirens or spotting pedestrians, it is time to consider NEMT.


Are You Finding Scrapes and Dents on Your Vehicle?

This also goes for garage doors, fences, curbs and mailboxes. Aside from limited multitasking, your reflexes have likely slowed down as well, leading to struggles with backing up and parking. You may also have balance issues, which can have a direct effect on your driving skills. When in doubt, call NEMT for a ride.


Do You Get Lost in Familiar Areas?

Having occasional brief memory lapses is a normal part of aging. If this happens to you frequently, it can be a sign of a more serious condition like Alzheimer’s disease. At this point, you should stop driving and let NEMT take over to get you where you need to go without worry of becoming lost or confused.


Do You Have Trouble Seeing Road Signs and Signals?

If you find yourself squinting at traffic lights and road signs or having trouble judging distances, your vision and depth perception may be too minimal to continue driving. Get an eye exam and make a decision from there. It may be time to consider NEMT.


Do You Confuse the Gas and Brake Pedals?

This may seem strange because knowing where the pedals are is a habit, but confusion can happen. This can lead to accidents with both other cars and people crossing the street. Even one incident of this type means that it is time for you to give up driving and call for NEMT.


Do You Have Trouble Merging with Traffic

This is a driving skill that requires good depth perception and multitasking. If you cannot do it well any more, park the car and ask for help. Letting NEMT take you places means you do not have to worry about merging problems anymore.


Do Other Drivers Honk at You?

This is a strong indication that your driving skills are not what they used to be. Rather than risk getting into an accident or dealing with another driver’s road rage, let NEMT do the driving instead.


Are You Easily Distracted While Driving?

Mental focus is another thing that slows down as you age. If you find your mind wandering while on the road, consider using NEMT to keep yourself and other drivers safe.


Are You Having Difficulty Checking the Rear View Mirror?

This is related to multitasking and may cause you to freeze up in certain situations. Arrange for NEMT to take you to your destination.


Have You Received Warnings and Tickets from Police Officers?

This is the surest sign of all that your driving days are over. Let NEMT handle it from here.


Do You Need to Transport a Loved One 200 Miles or More?

You should consider using long distance Non Emergency Medical Transportation. The choices would include long distance ground or Commercial Medical Escort services. For more information on these services visit our web site website for more information.

Medical Transport Services is always available to help you with your non-emergency transportation needs. Call 1-800-687-0607 for a consultation or visit the website for more information.


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