Bedside to Bedside Service

What is Air Ambulance Bedside to Bedside Service?

Air Ambulance ServiceBedside to Bedside service assures the patient that seasoned flight personnel, alongside flight nurses, will safely transfer them from their own home, hospital, or assisted living facility to their ending destination. Originating at the patient’s desired pickup location, Bedside to Bedside services will have a seasoned crew monitoring the patient until their destination has been reached. All medical needs will be promptly addressed by our excellent flight crew and nurses. This goes for all patients who require Bedside to Bedside care. Medical Transport Services provides Bedside to Bedside service with all of our long distance medical transportation options . Quell your concerns of a long-distance, time-sensitive medical transport by using our Air Ambulance Service or our less expensive Commercial Medical Escorts Service today! Here is a list of some of the services Bedside to Bedside transportation includes:
  • As is with all air medical transports, flights will consist of an experienced flight crew as well as flight medics for the patient’s care
  • All planes include advanced air ambulance equipment normally found within a hospital’s intensive care unit
  • Fixed-wing medical jets to eliminate medical transport distance and/or time concerns
  • Preflight, inflight, and post flight medical care (oxygen administration, sedation, pain management, etc…)

For more information on Bedside to Bedside services, as well as other medical transport services, call 1-800-687-0607 or contact us through our website here