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Medical Transport Services Provides Long Distance Medical Transportation Services from to any other State or International Destination.

Long Distance Medical Transportation US

Medical Transport Services specializes in long distance medical transportation to and from US; helping families transport loved ones across the United States or across the globe. We offer 3 types of Long Distance Medical Transportation, Mercedes Ground Transportation, Commercial Medical Escort (A Nurse escort on board a commercial airline) and Air Ambulance transports. We offer all of these long distance medical transport services from US. Transporting loved ones over a long distance can be very difficult for family members. We describe the pros and cons of each transport type and help you select the best Long Distance Medical Transportation for your family’s needs. Medical Transport Services helps to remove some of the stress and burden by making all arrangements for your family's Long Distance Medical Transportation. We work with the departing and receiving facilities to handle all of the transport details.

Long Distance Medical Transportation

Long Distance Medical Ground Transport US

Luxury Medical Transportation Mercedes Sprinter

Our long distance medical ground transportation provides service from 200 miles to 3500 miles to and from US. Our Mercedes long distance medical transports are customized and specially equipped to handle long distance medical transports. Our transport teams are staffed with the best in the business, 2 commercial drivers and a nurse or paramedic, all highly trained.We have a board certified Medical Doctor as our Medical Director who oversees our licensed Registered Nurses and Paramedics. We DO NOT use EMT’s or non-licensed personnel to provide any patient care.

Commercial Medical Escorts Service US

Commercial Medical Escort transfers patients by commercial airline with a Registered Nurse or Paramedic. This service is an effective way to minimize the higher cost of a traditional air ambulance for patients that meet the fit-to-fly criteria. The global network of scheduled airlines provides access to every continent making it easy to transport worldwide. We provide this service to and from US. Commercial Medical Escort Service provides bedside to bedside service. We use a highly qualified Flight Nurse or Paramedic. They provide preflight, inflight and post flight medical care including but not limited to: oxygen administration, sedation, pain management, toileting assistance, oxygen saturation monitoring, monitoring all vital signs and assists with all basic needs. Commercial medical escort flights can substantially reduce travel times compared to a Long distance medical ground transport.

Medical Repatration Commercial Medical Escort

Air Ambulance Service US

International Air Ambulance Service

Our Private flight or Air Ambulance flights offer flight services from basic interstate transports to international air ambulance flights with highly specialized in-flight care. Our medical crews provide the highest quality of bedside-to-bedside care. You can rely on our experts to transport patients to and from hospitals, rehabilitation centers, specialized care facilities, and private residences with the same level of care found in a hospital ICU. For the highest level of aeromedical care and air medical transport at the most cost-effective price possible, contact us today for a free quote. We provide Air Ambulance Service to and from US. All of our air ambulance medical team members are trained in flight physiology. These include Registered Nurses, Respiratory Therapists and Registered Flight Paramedics. We can arrange to have a physician on the flight or even arrange to have your own doctor on board as well. All flights are coordinated from bedside to bedside to make your family or patient have the smoothest flight possible.