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A Very Pleasant Trip

A very pleasant trip. This crew, Cheryl, Ed, and Debbie. Are incredibly good at their jobs. The 12 hour trip thru the desert seemed to fly by. My sister, traveling on a gurney, and the super-competent and extremely personable nurse talked for hours about a place where they had both spent some time (Morocco). When we arrived at our destination, the whole crew assisted the locals, in getting her room ready, even though it was midnight and they all had a long way to go, before they could relax.

Webb Ridley Johnson San Marcos, Tx to. Hatch, NM May 21, 2018

Great transport experience

When my husband and I decided to move to Spring, Texas ( near Houston), we knew that we wanted to take my mother with us. She is 92, has dementia, and is bed-ridden. We just didn’t know how we were going to get her there. Someone suggested a non-emergency transport company so I started checking into that possibility. When I called Medical Transport Services, I could tell right away that they were professional and knowledgeable. They gave me a thorough explanation of the process and a cost estimate on that first call. I knew this was the company I wanted to use. I told them the date for the move, and they set it all up immediately. On the day of the move, they arrived on time and checked my mother’s condition thoroughly. They were kind and gentle with her. The transport went very well. My mother slept most of the trip. They fed her and made sure she drank along the way. When she got to Spring, she didn’t realize that she had been traveling all day long. I was very pleased that all had gone so smoothly. It was a great decision to choose Medical Transport Services!!

Harriet Halbert Schroeder Lubbock to Spring, Texas May 16, 2018

Transfer of my mother to new nursing home

My Mother has dementia and the memory care facility in Brookfield, WI where she was residing was proving unable to provide for her needs. The situation had become critical in the first three weeks of March, 2018 and we decided we needed to move Mom to a nursing home in northern NJ, close to my sister’s home. The question was how to get her there. She could not travel by commercial airline. A 16-18 hours trip by car did not seem feasible.

One of my sisters suggested investigating non-emergency medical transport companies. I searched the Internet and contacted several firms. I first contacted Medical Transport Services about 10AM on a Sunday to obtain information about their services and to request a quote. They responded very quickly and provided a very competitive bid, which included a specially equipped van, a registered nurse, and two drivers who were also trained EMTs. All expenses were included in their bid.

Early Monday afternoon I spoke with Clara (Operations Manager) to indicate we wanted to schedule the transfer to begin Wednesday early evening, driving all night to be in northern NJ before Noon. Clara noted the short notice, but said she thought they could meet the challenge.

Within an hour, Clara called again to say they could meet our needs. She explained their coordination process, which involves contacting each party involved. I read their service agreement and paid their bill in full by credit card. I told Clara I would be accompanying my Mother on the trip.

Early Tuesday morning Clara called again to tell me she was coming on the trip as nurse. She quickly established contact with all parties to coordinate the desired arrival and corresponding departure times and related details. She were very thorough and well prepared.

The trip began smoothly. We departed on schedule. As dusk approached, my Mother, who suffers from Sundowning Syndrome, started to become very agitated and would not be calmed. It quickly became clear Clara was experienced with dementia patients and would try several approaches to dealing with my Mom’s agitation. Mom’s agitated state lasted several hours. Clara remained calm throughout, always treating my Mother respectfully. It was clear her priority was my Mother’s safety and welfare. Clara communicated throughout the trip with Adam and Alex, the drivers, who assisted Clara whenever necessary. Witnessing their resourcefulness in working to calm my Mother, I was very glad I had hired professionals, rather than attempt the trip on our own.

We traveled through the night, stopping only for fuel and food. Rain and fog along most of the route made driving more challenging. We arrived at our destination at 1145AM, right on time. The staff of the nursing home met the van as we pulled in and coordinated with Adam and Alex to move my Mom into the facility.

I want to again thank Clara, Adam and Alex for their excellent service in safely transporting and helping my Mom. They were superb. From my first contact, everyone was professional, obviously experienced and showed empathy for Mom and the family. Should we ever again need medical transport services, I would first call Medical Transport Services.

Thank you,
Donald Haig

Donald Haig Brookfield, WI to Chatham, NJ May 16, 2018


Our plans on how to bring mom from New Hampshire to Oklahoma changed in an instant.. I was in full blown panic mode… until I made the call and spoke to Randy. He explained the whole entire process of medical transport on a commercial airliner and took care of every single detail. He was able to pull this off in just a few days time.. The Nurse that accompanied us on the flight could not have been more perfect! Sonia was professional, personable and so at ease – which made me feel so much better about the trip and our decision to use this service. Due to our early morning flight, we stayed at a hotel the night before- all set up by Randy. Sonia was in the very next room. She met us upon our arrival, she helped us get situated in our room, visited with us and did an assessment of mom. She looked over mom’s medical record and her numerous medications, She prepared and administered her evening meds. She helped with the plan for the next day – when to get up and what time to get to the airport.. At the airport, she helped mom – she pushed the wheelchair, she helped her to the restroom- she gave mom her meds during the flight. She treated mom with respect and dignity. Having Sonia with us was like flying with a friend, it was very comfortable. I cannot say enough about what a positive experience this was.. Our travel to OKC was without any issues. I highly recommend Medical Transport Services for anyone who is in need. And I hope Sonia is the nurse that takes care of your loved one.

Dallas Miller Manchester to OKC May 11, 2018

Making the final journey home possible.

I was struggling with moving my Mom from a life care community in Florida to an outstanding assisted living community near me where I could visit and or stay with her. Finding a destination was daunting but the how to get her here was harder. I thought about driving her straight through but knew The trip would be extremely hard to do alone.
I thought about flying her first class with her portable oxygen unit and but feared having to get her to the plane and through Atlanta. I consulted her doctor who advised me not to fly her because of her dementia and congestive heart issues. He said the altitude pressure on her heart would scare her and she would scream. He suggested finding a medical transport company. I was blessed in finding medical transport services.
The staff was extremely kind and helpful and told me every detail of the journey beforehand. There was a staff of three who each took an interest in my Mom at each four hour stop for driver changes and bathroom breaks. The male nurse helped her use the onboard bathroom and talked to her and held her hand when she was angry about being strapped to a gurney and lifted into the van. He helped her get dressed and groomed
And informed the drivers my Mom would be lifted down and allowed to walk into the new facility on her own
two feet, respecting her dignity and independent spirit. They also took care of me on the arduous sixteen hour trip making sure I could get out and walk at each stop.
I have and will continue to recommend Medical Transport Services to others who want their loved ones close. I have told both Big Bend Hospice in Florida and Crossroads Hospice in Pennsylvania about the wonderful service we received and each Hospice has called me to talk to another family about my experience.

Marcia Blackman Lower Makefield, PA. From Tallahassee, Fl. May 9, 2018