Medical Escort

“Commercial Medical Escort” is a service that Medical Transport Services provides to patients that do not require an air ambulance but do require some form of special medical attention. This can be a cost effective method of medical transportation saving thousands as opposed to travel by air ambulance. It is a form of transportation provided in non-emergency situations. These patients must be medically and hemodynamically stable. It is an appropriate alternative for travel when the patient is capable of sitting up during take and landing, After we determine the suitability for this type of travel, we will obtain any nessessary airline medical clearance, in-flight oxygen, ticketing and ground transportation.

The patient will be seated in the first class cabin. This provides the patient with maximum comfort as the seats reclines back futher, gives more patient privacy and allows more leg room than coach. The flight nurse also has more room to tend to the patient’s needs.

At least one highly-skilled flight nurse or paramedic will accompany the patient. Supplemental oxygen may be nessessary to compensate for the decrease in cabin oxygen levels. In addition, it is important to monitor the patient on pulse oximetry to ensure proper oxygen saturation. Each airline has it’s own policies regarding fitness for travel by passengers. The patient’s medical condition determines if a medical escort is a viable alternative. Patients with communicable diseases are not accepted for this type of travel.

Our flight nurse/paramedic will sit next to the patient, take and record all vitals (on ascent, descent and every fours hours in flight),monitor oxygen levels, assess patient’s condition, assist with bathroom and hygene assistance and assist patient in taking any perscribed medications. Naturally, the safety and care of the patient is our utmost priority. This service could be exactly what you require. Please call us to find out if this service meets your needs.

We take care of every aspect of escorting the patient. This service includes: All ground transportation and airline ticketing for patient and any relatives wanting to travel along, Priority boarding, seating and deplaning, Coordinating with sending and receiving facilities, Bedside-to-bedside patient care. Our highly trained Medical Personnel are with the patient every step of the travel process.