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Most of the time when buying a product or service you are taking a leap of faith. Even when using customer reviews as one of your research tools. Honest and objective reviews and extremely important to any business today. They can sometimes be difficult to get. I have read horror stories about sites making up fake reviews and doctoring real long distance medical transport reviews to make themselves or their businesses look good.

Personal referrals are typically the best way to gauge a product or service, but they too are sometimes difficult to get. Many people are unaware that long distance medical transportation services even exists until they actually have the need. At that point in time they may be in a very stressful situation learning about a loved one having an accident or illness that requires them to travel a long distance to get home or be near family.

The reviews our site are real customers, writing real reviews. Hopefully these reviews will give you enough piece of mind to call us and see that we are genuine, caring and professional individuals that are passionate about what we do. You will be happy that you did.

I guarantee it!!


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Texas Nursing Home Transfer

The staff at Medical Transport Services was so kind to our family. Clara worked out the logistics for a timely transfer while dealing with power outages from a hurricane. The medics that actually transported my aunt were so nice, knowledgeable and funny. My aunt, even though it was a hard trip for her, was very thankful for the care she received. It was difficult to find a long distance transport, but I am so grateful that there is this type of service available.

Lisa Dorsey October 12, 2017

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Compassionate & Professional

We were completely satisfied with the compassionate and professional service in transporting our mother from Alabama to Illinois. From the initial phone query until they arrived at the residential care facility in Illinois, they provided the best possible care for our mother and customer service for us. They are the benchmark for long-distance medical transportation.

Tim Bean October 10, 2017

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No Worry Professional Service

Medical Transport Services moved my very ill sister from Vermont to Rhode Island. She had a very comfortable ride with a very professional crew onboard.
Hopefully I will never need their transport services again, but if I do it will be Medical Transport Services for sure.
Best price and no worry professional service.

Transport from Burlington Vermont to Middletown Rhode Island

Christopher Fabiszak October 7, 2017

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My parents and 101 year old Grandma we’re stranded in Georgia after fleeing South Florida when Hurricane Irma passed through. They were staying in a hotel when my Grandma fell out of bed. After a week long stay at the hospital, my cousins and I were undecided on how to bring them home. We decided to us a medical transport. After reading the reviews and speaking to Clara for Medical Transport we all felt it the best choice. My Mom told me the nurse and staff on board were very kind and professional.

Elizabeth Holden October 4, 2017

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Professional, Efficient, Compassionate

I accompanied Henry Duehlmeier on his trip to Naples, FL to prepare his mom for a move to Woodstock, GA. Medic Pete and drivers Don and Roberto were on time for pick-up, made the trip to Woodstock on schedule, and cared for the patient (Carole Kramer) completely and compassionately. The trip could not have gone any smoother. We are so grateful for your level of service and for the excellent staff you have in Pete, Don and Roberto. They provided a comfortable, easy transition for Carole and made the family feel completely at ease with the trip. I will definitely recommend your company to anyone requiring medical transportation. Thank you so much for the services provided, and for sending us Pete, Don and Roberto. We couldn’t have asked for a more professional, efficient, and compassionate team.

Beatriz Paredez August 8, 2017

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Our family needed ground transport for my granddaughter who had been wrongly sent to a Tampa medical facility. We needed transport ASAP from Tampa to Jacksonville. This company was absolutely wonderful. They made the trip with her the day after we talked. I gave them a list of things we would like them to be sure to bring with them, like her wheelchair, two extra soft blankets and her stuffed owl collection. They brought everything I mentioned to them and when they arrived here in Jacksonville, it was apparent they were very caring and conscientious people. They called to let me know when they had left Tampa with her and gave me an estimate as to when they would be here so we could meet her at the new facility. They even contacted me next day to make sure everything had gone well. I would highly recommend this company for medical transport. Price was reasonable also.

Bonnie Smedley Grandmother Patient being transported July 11, 2017

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Wish come true

I needed to transport my mother from Paducah, Ky. up to Cleveland, OH. She was bedridden with stage 4 cancer and just had a major surgery to her back and couldn’t move her legs. The team at medical transport made my mother feel very comfortable and were very professional, considerate, and a pleasure to have with her on this long trip. My mother raved at how the nurse was very compassionate and they talked along the way which gave my mother comfort. They called me when they were an hour and a half before arrival so my sister and I could meet my mother when they opened the door. I would highly recommend this company for anyone needing to transport a loved one. Clara down to the drivers, nurse, and paramedic were awesome. Thank you again for making my mom’s last dying wish come true to be by her kids. 04/30/2017

Ted Dust July 7, 2017

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Wonderful Service

I cannot express completely how wonderful your service is. You transported my Mom and me from Mississippi to Illinois, overnight. It was a stressful time as my Mom had injuries from a car accident. But from the time your team arrived at the hospital to the arrival in Illinois we felt safe and secure and professionally cared for. Thank you so very much. 05/18/2017

Denise st. Onge July 7, 2017

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100% Professional

I selected Medical Transport To fly my injured wife from Sarasota Florida to West Bend Wisconsin. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. They picked us up at our house and delivered us to our destination on time. The care and comfort that my wife received was outstanding. It was 100% professional service. Clara, Randy, and staff did an excellent job. I would recommend Medical Transport without reservation. Larry Grescoviak June 15, 2017

Larry Grescoviak June 16, 2017

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Excellent service and very professional

I rode with my Grandmother during the transport and couldn’t have been more pleased. The trip was fantastic, the driver and Paramedic were both awesome. I will refer you to anyone I know that needs long distance medical transport. Heather D | Galveston, TX to Arlington, TX | 12-31-2016

Linda McKelvey May 28, 2017

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Caring and supportive

We had a date of April 11 to leave the hospital in Florida. After six days of delays with VA paperwork. Clara talked to me everyday to keep things going and let me know what was happening. Easter Sunday we departed the hospital the crew was awesome. They made the 50 hour road trip comfortable and took great care of both myself and my son! Portland, OR 2017-05-11

Karin Ahlstrom May 12, 2017

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Always a Pleasure

I have had the pleasure of working with Medical Transport Services for just over 2 years as a patient handler. The staff is knowledgeable, helpful, pleasant and quick to respond. Sam Knight | several customer trips booked | 11-04-2016

Sam Knight April 28, 2017

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Fast and Efficient Service

We worked for a few weeks to get my Mother transferred to a Nursing Facility near me. Once we had a place lined up, your office helped with all the planning and we had her here in no time. We were very pleased with the service and care provided to the entire family during this process. B. Mitchell | Milwaukee, WI to Little Rock, AR | 01-23-2017

John Dearborne April 28, 2017

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Great Office Staff

We were dealing with a lot of different people trying to get my Grandmother moved closer to family. The Office Staff at your company was such a pleasure to deal with. They were the nicest and most helpful of anyone we were talking to through the process. Your staff made this experience so easy and pleasant! Thank you! Shannon | Intrastate in TX | 12-30-2016

Shannon April 28, 2017

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Awesome Crew

I needed to transport my mother from her retirement home in Minnesota to my personal home in Texas for the holidays and the staff of Medical Transport Services helped make that happen. I was very concerned about having her travel alone. My fears were unfounded. The trip was fast and efficient and the crew was wonderful. John Dearborne | MN to TX | 11-18-2016

Heather D. April 28, 2017

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Excellent trip

We moved my Mother to my house from a skilled nursing center. Your office was so friendly and efficient in getting all the trip details worked out for us. You made the process so easy. And you couldn’t have sent a better crew. They were so attentive to my Mother and made her trip a pleasant one. We couldn’t have moved her without you! You all did an excellent job. C.L. | Howard Lake, MN to Louisville, KY | 01-13-2017

C.L. April 28, 2017

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Happy Customer

You guys were amazing! From the office organizing everything to the wonderful drivers and Paramedic, you all did an outstanding job. Kathy R | Arlington, TX to Little Rock, AR | 01-18-2017

Kathy R. April 28, 2017

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Very Pleased

We worked for a few weeks to get my Mother transferred to a Nursing Facility near me. Once we had a place lined up, your office helped with all the planning and we had her here in no time. We were very pleased with the service and care provided to the entire family during this process. B. Mitchell | Milwaukee, WI to Little Rock, AR | 01-23-2017

B. Mitchell April 28, 2017

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Amazing and Loving Crew

What a wonderful service and professional crew! Tim, Lynn and Curtis eased the way for my husband’s long trip East. Their patient and loving care was so appreciated. We were definitely blessed to have found this service to meet our needs! Great company! Professional excellence and compassion combined to make all the difference! With Gratitude! Cathy & Chuck Charles & Cathy Part | Sturgeon, MO to Alexandria, VA


Charles & Cathy Part April 28, 2017

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Make the best of a tough situation!

Lets face it, the simple need for medical transport services is probably not great news. Someone is ailing, and change is imminent. Our crew was exceptionally talented in making the 8+ hour trip comfortable and even at times amusing for my Dad. Just the right blend of care, support, and humor when required. Highly efficient and personable….the van was comfortable and immaculate….could not recommend MTS more highly. Brian Koelbel | Bolivia NC to West Chester PA | 02-08-2017 |

Brian Koelbel April 17, 2017

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Your service could not have been better. I was very ill and stressed out but your crew calmed my fears and made the trip easy. Everything was perfect E. Joe Churchill, Illinois

E. Joe Churchill April 13, 2017

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Fantastic Trip

It took a few months to convince my father to come down and visit last summer. Now he raves to everyone about his trip from Denver to Chicago in your Mercedes Transport. He is already talking about coming back next year. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Cheryl Harrison | Denver, CO to Chicago, Il | 06-10-2016

Cheryl Harrison August 28, 2016

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